Save the Children created a hunting and strong initiative, produced by photographer Nick Ballon and artist Alma Haser the images show the stories of children and their families living in war, what they felt, what they wished for.

The short videos are created by moving and crumpling the photographs taken near the Syria-Turkey border added to the sentiment only a strong photograph can give the voices of the children and family members involved takes the message to another level making you feel as if they’re telling you the story face to face.

8.4 million children are in need in Syria and its neighboring countries, children that have been bombed, have suffered from starvation, whose lives have been threaten and family members murdered right before their eyes. Added to those 8.4 million there’s 2.4 million Syrian children living as refugees in countries like Iraq, Turkey and Egypt, and the crisis, the pain doesn’t end when they become refugees, the pain and nightmares are a constant reminder of what they left behind but it’s far beyond inside their souls to be forgotten easily.

The atrocities have provoked colossal damaged in their minds, six years of conflict have shattered the Syrian children, as reported by  Save the Children some try to harm themselves and even kill themselves, added to that the risk of drug consumption on the future is higher.

“Many of these traumatized children are showing signs of severe psychological distress, with possibly lifelong effects. Some are withdrawn, others act out. Some have lost the ability to speak. Many experience violent nightmares or can’t sleep at all, fearing they’ll never wake up.”  informs Save The Children

According to a report from January 2017, 6 million children have been affected by the war and an estimate of 13.5 million people in total. 11,5% of Syrians have been killed or wounded since 2011, with a number of fatalities of more than 470,000 in just 2015.

The series are called Trauma Visualized for a Syrian Refugee Child, and were created to remind people of what’s going on, a fresh look to the atrocious situation Syria is still living after six years.

“At my aunt’s house my cousins all died, I felt like I was going to die because they died” says Nesreen on her story

“I never know what goes in his head, but I knew he was always afraid when he heard the bombs drop” says on Adira’s and Abba’s story

“She looks like Razan but from the inside she’s not Razan, we would look after her and feed her but she’s absent….She never came back to what she was before” says a family member in Razan’s story. 

Hassan age 9 says, “When I get afraid my body starts shaking, it shakes and my heart starts beating fast…..I dream of a big bird, that I can ride and fly away”

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