Since so many people are confused on what it means to be racist, I thought I would take the liberty to make a guide.

  1. If you refer to your friend of color as your friend of color.

Becky please stop calling me your “Indian” friend to sound ethnic and diverse. She is not your “black” friend, she is your friend. But at this point even calling her your friend is a stretch. Having friends of color does not make you interesting nor does it give you a resource to relate to struggles pertaining to the P.O.C community.

  1. If you ask your friends ignorant questions about their culture.

If you ask me if my house smells like curry or if my religion worships goats, there is a 100% chance I will stare you down. This one always baffles me, if you just think about it for .5 seconds you can answer the question yourself. Also DO NOT assume you know the answer based off your small spanning google search knowledge. If I tell you something that is applicable to me do not respond back in an argumentative nature. If I tell you not all Punjabi people have to wear turbans do not fight back with “I’m pretty sure they have to”. I will backhand you.

     3. If you use derogatory terms

This one is non-arguable. If you use the N-word and you are not black, surprise you’re racist! If you use other derogatory words that have a deeming effect on an ethnicity, you are racist. Now, if you use these words and wholeheartedly believe you are not racist, surprise you’re racist AND dumb! Congrats, your parents must be proud.

  1. #AllLivesMatter

Now do we even need to go over this? Like, really? This ideology presents a cogent idea, yes all lives matter. This movement however does not represent that. This hashtag more accurately translates to All (White) Lives Matter. This hashtag openly contradicts the #BlackLivesMatter movement and is a giant F.U to the black community, so Becky you’re “Black Friend” won’t be too happy about this.

  1. You swear you aren’t racist

Sis, if you use the phrase “Not to be racist” before you say something, it is racist. You blatantly recognized the fact that what you are about to say IS racist; yet still proceeded to say it. This is also applicable to those who swear they aren’t racist because “They have a black friend”. Refer back to point 1.


Congrats! Either you have identified as a blatantly open racist or are an actual positive member of society. I hope it is the latter.

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