The name TyDaJedi may not mean much to you now, but wait a couple years and get back to me. This kid is going to be huge.

Tyler Gaskins, commonly known on social media as TyDaJedi, is a teenage rapper from Miami, Florida whose main focuses right now include building his brand and working on his EP. Gaskins has been around music for about as long as he could remember. He’s been classically trained on the piano since he was three years old, but if you had told Ty three years ago that by the time he was gradating high school he’d get offers to record in the mansions of rappers by the likes of Fat Joe, it’s unlikely that anyone in the vicinity would take you seriously. In fact, he only started listening to rap music his sophomore year. Before, you could find him listening to Old School and classic artists from The Jackson Five and Nina Simone to Mozart.

“My friends, $lim, Bella, and Black Dylan were hella into rap and I never really listened to it, but I always wrote music,” Gaskins says.

The beginnings of his newfound passion and career would come to him in a group chat, after his friends convinced him to pursue music as more than a hobby.

TyDaJedi’s music plays on his personal experiences and are personal and revealing with J Cole, Logic, Bryson Tiller and Chance the Rapper as some of his influences.

“Honestly, I write about my life; what I’ve been through, what I’ve done, what I’ve experienced,” he says, “Her is about [my love life] earlier in high school, Mia is about what I see every day in Miami, in my daily travels. Clustered Mind are my deep, twisted thoughts. My most recent song, Used to be, it’s just like… y’all used to make fun, but now you’ll wait for the drop on the low and bump it. You used to silently listen, but now you’ll make it known that you’re listening.”

His plans are huge and the Florida teen already has people with influence who think he has what it takes to make it big:

“Oh, you’re gonna see me on BET, The Grammys, Jimmy Fallon… like, I’m going to be a full fledged musician,” Ty says. “Nobody just gets there though, it’s a process. I’ve met and gotten advice from Ice Cube, Denzel Curry, Earth Gang. I have eyes on me from They, and A$AP Mob. I’ve spoken to members from pro era as well, which is the group Joey Bada** is in. I’ve been invited to tour. I’m just not there yet honestly. When I get there it’s going to be a big boom and everyone is going to be like… ‘he wasn’t kidding.”

His raps aren’t his only project. His label, The Great Odyssey (TGO), takes up just as much of his focus as his music.

“I had a library of names but I was really heavy on this being a journey, and that’s what an odyssey is- an adventure. I called [my friend] and we talked about it and she was like ‘nah that’s lame,’ and I was like oh! The Great Odyssey! Then I was like ‘nah, that name’s too long,’ and she said, ‘no it’s not, you can just say ‘TGO’. It stuck from there,” TyDaJedi says.

He’s also collaborating with his friend, Nyasia Mayudon, or NY, on a clothing line called Axiom. They hope to work with big brand names and have their clothes hit shelves around the country.

The teen has a support group which he says, ”keep me going. I’ve wanted to stop so many times because I didn’t see it going anywhere and then someone would just get me hype again and dig me out of my hole.”

To learn more about TGO, and TyDaJedi’s work, follow @TGORECORDS on twitter and visit the official TGO website.

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