No, Atheists, You Are Not Shocking Anyone

Before I get labelled as some bitter neo-Christian, I would like to clarify that I am also an atheist myself, which is precisely why I feel the need to write this article, or rather more of an open letter, after several experiences I’ve had with many a non-believer.  So please, fellow atheists, put down your copy of the first Nietzsche book you could find at your local hipster bookshop, adjust your vintage glasses you paid a month’s salary for, and hear me out for a moment. Or read me out. Whatever.

You don’t have to constantly remind everyone around you how you don’t believe in God, Allah, the Buddha, Santa Claus, or being both skinny and happy. Your five minutes of “research” after reading some generic. so-called scientific writing dumped down for you to be able to grasp its content does not render you an expert, or mean that your opinion is automatically correct. No, you do not need to make it a conversation piece at parties when there is any sort of 2-second long silence, or jump at the opportunity to analyze your latest philosophical meditations to some poor soul who didn’t ask (and specifically to the straight male atheists, nope, girls aren’t going to swoon at your incredible intellect).

Need I add that, no, someone openly expressing their belief does in no way give you the right to attack them, whether that is a prayer or a simple exclamation such as “good God”. As long as they’re going about their business without bothering anyone, then it is none of your business to criticize or give an unsolicited opinion. You know, sort of how you don’t want religious people criticizing your opinions.

Bottom line is, it’s evident that your devotion to expressing your beliefs left and right isn’t caused by some passion for exercising your right of freedom of speech, but simply to force your opinion and others, and even more, to shock. Except everyone who’s not from the southern States stopped being shocked by atheism somewhere around 1984. So feel free to stop parading it around expecting a cookie anytime now.

Don’t get me wrong, having your own opinions is a great thing, and discussing them with others is even better, but not to impose yourself or to get a feeling of superiority, but only for an adult conversation, where you are open to other viewpoints except just yours. You might actually learn something.



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