How To: Save Money in College

Post secondary education is expensive and as a first year university student who is working a part time job on the side, I do everything I can to save money where I’m able to. I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t always make the smartest choices regarding my money, largely due to the fact that my parents were always there to help me out financially. However, while they’re still there to help out when asked, it was time to take responsibility and make wise choices where money was concerned and here’s a few of the things I did to save money:

Bought Used Textbooks

When it comes to buying mandatory textbooks, always choose to rent or buy used ones,  it makes a world of a difference. Where I go to school, there is a Facebook group solely for buying and selling used textbooks. Hence, where I would be paying 170 dollars for a brand new textbook from the overpriced university bookstore, I only pay 80 dollars for a used one off of another student. Then when I’m done with the course, I’m able to resell it and get a decent amount of money back.

Used Student Discounts

For Canadian students, there is the Student Price Card, which offers discounts and deals to students in places such as retail stores, fast food branches and more. However, for students outside of Canada, just having your student I.D on you can present you with many opportunities to save money when shopping in certain stores.

Furthermore, big companies such as Microsoft will give students Microsoft Office for free when they present their school email address (this was a life-saver for me) and here is how to get an Apple Student Discount.

Cut Back on Coffee/Tea (Or Make It At Home)

Like many others, I need my daily caffeine intake, and while it seems like spending 2 bucks daily on a medium double double from Timmys isn’t so bad, it can add up pretty quickly. So, buying coffee every other day or even making it at home, will go a long way to helping save money.

Get A Part-Time Job

If possible at all, and if you are able to fit it into your tight schedule, then getting a part time job is the best way to simultaneously earn and save money. Personally, I made my class schedule keeping in mind that I wanted to get a job on the side. So I made sure all my lectures were every Tuesday and Thursday and kept the rest of my days for my course work and working 2-3 days a week.



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