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Considering Life 100 Years Ago And Today’s Effect on Tomorrow’s Generation

This universe has existed for billions of years. Human nature dictates the everlasting change of our surroundings. There are many theories and perspectives from brilliant people about how this mother earth was formed. There are also many theories that tell us about life on earth hundreds of years before we were even born. It is no secret that life on earth 100 years ago was absolutely different from our lives now.

We are living today in this 21st century. Everything is new. Everywhere we go, we breathe technology, we speak equality, we see global cities, we read about inventions and cures. In order for us to survive, everything must be completely different from the “previous version of the earth” that we have learned in our history books.

However, the question is, which one is better?

Let us do some time traveling. It’s 1917, some countries that exist right now were not even formed yet. Albert Einstein just published his first paper on cosmology. Cleopatra was the top-grossing film in U.S. The fashion? Fabulous. The trend was unveiled, yet, vague, plain silk with over-the-top hats and classy heels. We have to admit that one or two touches of fashion from these days wouldn’t be the worst thing to occur. On the other hand, the earth was not familiar enough with equality back then. Traditional cultures were so solid. The social status quo was far from accepting. The only way we were able to stray towards a more progressive feature that we breath today is through those that were willing to stride towards change- a mentality that we must keep alive today.

“What we give to this world on our own time is what the world will give to tomorrow’s generation.”

We cannot say that the life those people had 100 years ago was bad because we will never truly be able to live during that time period. That is just the circle of life. You come to this world, do something (or do nothing), and then once your time is finished, you go. In spite of this, the memories, feelings, joy, tears, laughter, achievements, failures, and love that people had and shared during their lives are simply the most important things in life. What we give to this world on our own time is what the world will give to tomorrow’s generation. Imagine, this modern life that we have today, what would people from another 100 years ahead will think of it? Will it be good thoughts? Or bad thoughts? We will never know.

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Yohana Parida
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Yohana Parida. Indonesian. Fall in love with art, human, universe, and life itself. She believes that by writing, human can express some realness inside of them, so she writes because she loves to.


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