Birmingham-born, 22-year-old Habiba Da Silva is a new and refreshing face in the beauty industry. She is well-known for adapting her Muslim-lifestyle into the culture of the western world with her beauty videos and her Hijab tutorials on her YouTube channel. Da Silva has recently released a line of unisex scarves.

Da Silva first launched her YouTube channel in 2014, with her first video entitled ‘My Everyday Hijab Style’, which currently has over 150,000 views and as of 2017, she has close to 330,000 subscribers. Her old blog, , was made a year before whilst she was studying Creative Writing at Birmingham City University and gained many readers. She is also very popular on Instagram with a large follower count of 662,000 people.

She has recently launched a range of Hijabs under the name ‘SKIN’, which features nine different shades of flesh-coloured scarves, aimed at people of all colours. In her relaunch campaign video posted to her YouTube channel, she features many women of colour modelling the Hijabs, as well as men too, showing the diversity that her collection is aiming for.

On a blog post about SKIN at, Da Silva says she was inspired by “…breaking up the trend of having brands with clothing dressed on only lighter skinned models.” The SKIN range shows that the Hijab doesn’t just have to be for women, and can be worn in many different ways. Da Silva’s innovative and contemporary business venture has attracted many customers, with most of the scarves selling out rapidly.

What is different and unique about this scarf range is the diversity shown, not only with the models used, but the names of the scarves too. The scarves have names in different languages such as Turkish, Afrikaans and Spanish, and the meaning of the words are based on the theme of marriage. Da Silva says, “I played on the theme of marriage… The word, marriage, is all about bringing entities together. This is what SKIN is about.”

Da Silva has come a long way from being just a beauty guru and an average lifestyle YouTuber. She has altered misconceptions of Muslim women who wear the Hijab as being oppressed and has emerged onto the social media scene as a new face for the Muslim millennial in the western world. Her distinctive Hijab styles have inspired many young Muslim women, living in the west, to consider wearing the Hijab, or have helped them transition into wearing it, as well as inspiring non-Muslim women.

The SKIN range is just the beginning of an era of Muslim women progressing and making a name for themselves in the western world.

Da Silva has recently disclosed in an interview about expanding the business and maybe releasing some written work.

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