Wealthy Cishet White Male Thinks His Life Is As Bad As Jews In Nazi Germany Because He Supports Trump

Tim Allen, best known as the dad from the 90’s sitcom ‘Home Improvement’, is worth well over $80 million dollars. From a quiet life in suburbia as a young child, to living in the world of riches, fame, and success for well over 40 years, it could be said that he’s made quite a name for himself. Up until recently it would be safe to say he lived a safe, privileged, non-oppressed life but according to Tim this is no longer the case. The Hollywood actor just recently did a Jimmy Kimmel interview on the matter.

Allen goes on to explain how “You get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody else believes. ” Allen then goes on to liken being conservative to “1930’s Nazi Germany”. The actor feels as if being a Republican in modern society is as painstakingly horrific as being a victim of genocide. The actor then goes on to say “Forget the stupid s— he says about immigrants”.

Perhaps Allen would find it preferable to just forget all of the the dehumanizing, racist, and sexist commentary and conduct Trump has endorsed. Perhaps it would make him feel better if he didn’t have to face the reality people don’t shun him for simply having an opinion, rather because he chose to willingly support someone whose platform is built on degradation. Allen might benefit from knowing that Nazi and Confederate flags and support groups generally are not common place at the “intolerant” liberal rallies unlike a large number of conservative rallies.

Tim Allen is a cisgendered, heterosexual, wealthy white man who somehow fails to realize that he holds one of the most powerful statuses on Earth. Making more than $235k an episode of his sitcom, ‘Last Man Standing’ he must live a truly marginalized existence. How does he live under that magnitude of oppression some may wonder.



  1. Honestly this was much needed. People tend to give some a free pass to say completely insensitive things just because they like the work they’re in when in actuality they should be held accountable. What Tim Allen said was not acceptable.

  2. On god this article was so needed!!! Like no one is willing to report on it when their “fav” does something problematic. S/o to affinity

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