Black Lives Matter or Black Western Lives Matter?

“Black Lives Matter” is one of the most successful mottos to unleash from America’s twenty-first-century human rights movements. From abolishing slavery, to the change Martin Luther King Jr. has catalyzed, to the modern realization that the job is not finished. The infamous police brutality incidents have pushed this subliminal message that existed all along to take on its full volume.


Like with most Western-bred ideologies, there is a leakage that is ironically more ignorant than aware. This nonexistent conversation fosters in another dialogue that is rarely brought to full fruition… The African Diaspora and the two sects that lie within it: African-Americans and American-Africans.


African-Americans: Americans whose ancestors have been enslaved and most likely have a West-African lineage


American-Africans: Americans whose most recent generations immigrated from an African country


First and foremost, it is not remotely the fault of African-Americans that many cannot trace back their ethnic roots. However, it is the further perpetuated idleness to self-educate that results in appropriation.


It is unfortunate that many people who say “African culture” as if such a monolithic culture even exists, have African origins. It is unfortunate that a mass population who promote the reduction of a continent actually belong to it genealogically. To be accepted in communities who are directly impacted by the good and bad African countries face, begin with the common sense that Africa is not a country and that the allegiance to an identity should not be cultivated from whatever ‘Africa’ is in a Western imagination.



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