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A Message to Teachers: Comfort is Key

Schools across America are beginning to implement technology into their curriculum. Despite the idea that technology is ruining the classroom setting, the benefits outweigh the problems caused. Students will be more comfortable with assignments and will be more motivated to complete them; also, the options for learning expand when technology is utilized in the classroom.

Teenagers have a reputation of being attached to their cell phones; this is partially due to the fact that 82% of students are estimated to own a smartphone of some kind. Going into the comfort zone is something a teenager doesn’t always have the opportunity to do, especially with a hectic school and extracurricular life. Students should be able to work comfortably in the school environment, which for most includes typing on a keyboard. Instead of asking a student to put away an item they will need to be comfortable with in their future occupation, try to use that item as the basis of a project or lesson. It’s much more exciting and familiar to use a phone for research than digging through numerous books that may or may not have the information a student is looking for.

Software on computers is expanding significantly. For example, SAT studying is no longer limited to a massive book – Khan Academy is open and free to the public to study for the college entrance exam.

Additionally, I had an Algebra II teacher that did not explain the material to where I could fully understand it. We had an online textbook that came with interactive teaching material – I would go home after a lesson and review it online, watch videos and practice extra just to understand the basics. Understanding that not all students will be willing to do the same, I have encouraged classmates to do what they could on the internet to find helpful information for lessons they couldn’t fully grasp, and they came back the next day prepared with another viewpoint on whatever they were struggling with. Also, there are many presentations available for the teachers to utilize in lessons. Slideshows and videos often used for this purpose come with an outline so the teachers are still the ones giving the lesson, boosting interaction between student and teacher.

Phones have more uses of course than just learning. Their primary purpose of communication is considered a drawback to many teachers and parents; however as long as teachers supervise their students accordingly, students should not lose attention to whatever is being taught. Communication in the classroom through technology can even be utilized as a tool for a learning or review game.

The technological boom occurring in America is spreading, and students will begin to fall behind if they don’t keep up. According to Angela Maiers, an award-winning educator, “learners need to be able to cooperate, to manage tasks together, to accomplish goals, to contribute. Technology allows a community of learners to do those things together.”

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