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How To Cope With Student Stress And Become More Organized

Many students in high school and college or higher level education face a larger amount of stress than medically recommended. Staying on top of your work can become difficult when students are stressed about school and other outside factors. Excessive amounts of stress on students can become harmful to their health and personal relationships. Some teenagers and young adults are more stressed about schoolwork than adults are stressed in general. So, I present a remedy that some of you stressed teenagers and young adults can use to relieve much of your stress:

  1. Break your work into tasks. When you are overwhelmed with schoolwork and you cannot find anywhere to start, begin by breaking your work into tasks. I find it easier to begin with the most difficult or strenuous of the workload, and then once that is finished, finish the rest of the work. Make yourself a schedule to follow and get your work done in spurts, and strictly follow this schedule until your work is complete.
  2. Take breaks in between work. If you have a long assignment or many assignments that need completion, follow the schedule previously mentioned in the above tip, and take breaks in between assignments. If you’re writing an essay, take breaks in between several paragraphs for a few minutes each to give yourself time to refresh.
  3.  Make room for free-time or leisure-time in your schedule.When you make your schedule–on paper or in your mind– make sure that you leave yourself time to just relax and chill out. While it is necessary to complete all your work at task, it is also important that you leave time for yourself, and for things that you enjoy doing.
  4. Stay organized. I recommend using Post-It Notes, or other types of organization such as sheet protectors to organize binders and notebooks. Cute stationary can also help you stay motivated. Pastel colored highlighters can motivate you to study more, and Washi tapes, adorable rolls of tape with prints and colors, motivate me, personally, because it can create cute study guides and notes.
  5. Find a place you work productively.Some people work productively in their homes, other people work well at a Starbucks or a local bookstore. Wherever you find yourself working diligently, make it a habit that you work their and finish your work there. Sometimes people work more productively when others are around them as motivation, others can work effectively by themselves. Wherever this place is, find it and continue to use it as motivation for your work.

These are only a few suggestions in alleviating stress, but most of them work for me and I hope they work for you too! Keeping up with a heavy workload while balancing other aspects of life such as your social life and home life can become difficult, so I hope that these solutions can help take some of the weight off of your shoulders. Good luck studying!

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Reece Smith
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Reece is a 16 year old from southern Indiana. She enjoys writing about topics that interest her, and she's been interested in journalism since 7th grade. She likes her friends, school, dogs, art, and music.

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