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White Supremacist Stabs Black Man for “Practice”

James Harris Jackson being escorted by the police. Source: Seth Wenig

Harris Jackson, a 28-year-old white supremacist arrested for stabbing Timothy Caughman–a black 66-year-old male on Monday night, claims that it was for “practice” in preparation for a larger attack targeting black men which will take place in New York Times Square.

Jackson had previously told a police officer hat he had come to Baltimore a few days before his initial attack on Caughman “for the purpose of killing black men and had stalked numerous potential victims.”

A witness had seen the suspect talking to Caughman around 11:30 PM. When Caughman was bent over the trash can to collect bottles, Jackson took the opportunity of his vulnerability and stabbed him mercilessly. The victim later walked into the police substation with several stab wounds to the chest and back, and later died in Bellevue Hospital.

Jackson had turned himself into the police at the Times Square substation around 12:00 am after seeing himself on the news, just two days after his attack. According to the police, he was caught on surveillance video running down the street just moments after he stabbed Caughman to death.

The knife that James Harris Jackson chose to stab Timothy Caughman with on Monday night.
Source: CBS News

NYPD Chief of Manhattan Detectives William Aubry states that “the reason why he picked New York is because it’s the media capital of the world and he wanted to make a statement.” A statement that promotes the resurgence of lynching black people for fun which killed more than 3000 of them from the 1900s to 1960s, perhaps?

On the topic of racist 1900s America, New York Daily News highlights Caughman’s criminal record instead of Jackson’s. The article states that “he has 11 prior arrests, including marijuana, assault, resisting arrest, and menacing.” In the latter part of the article, reporters also highlighted an unrelated crime committed by another black man named Ismaaiyl Brinsley, who murdered two NYPD officers on December 2014. They conclude the paragraph by mentioning that Brinsley fled to a nearby subway station and shot himself to death.

Source: New York Daily News

New York Daily News is just another ripple in the pond that exemplifies the unjust treatment for black people when they use black criminality to justify black death, while the media continues to justify white criminality by implying their sufferings from mental illnesses.

A quote by a senior staff writer at Mic eloquently defines the biased and unjust reasoning for the Daily News to highlight Caughman’s previous arrests. Zak Cheney-Rice says that “ Caughman’s arrest record [was not] relevant to his violent demise at the hands of a white supremacist, despite the Daily News story’s suggestion.

According to CBS News, “investigators said they were trying to determine what exactly drove Jackson to violence,” as if plain racism wasn’t an appropriate factor. His attorney also suggested that Jackson might have been afflicted with mental illnesses as he says that “[they] are going to address the obvious psychological issues that are present in this case.”

Jackson’s family members continue to defend his actions by painting an image of him that displayed just how “abnormal” it was for him to kill a black man. They said the “allegations were out of character with his family’s beliefs and the way he was raised.”

Racial inequality in imprisonment is not a foreign topic; there exist many cases where a white man received a lighter sentence than a black man who received a heavier sentence for the same crime.

One of the many examples would be Allen Peters; a white man, and Jaquavias Sturgis; a black man who were both 17, had previous criminal records and robbed a store. However, Peters got probation while Sturgis was sentenced to four years in prison.

Jackson was charged with second-degree murder with additional hate crime-related charges possibly following.  It’s also possible that the second-degree charge will be upgraded to first degree, according to

It is quite obvious that Jackson’s evil intent towards black people were motivated by nothing but pure racism and hatred, but his crime was still not labeled as an act of terrorism by the authority.

Just imagine how a Muslim man would be portrayed if he traveled from Baltimore to New York just as Jackson did, doing the same crime. “TERRORIST” and “ISIS” splattered across every tabloid and news website, while white criminals get “mentally ill” and “unusual behavior.” This only proves how America has not evolved at all and has only gone backward in time.

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Charlize Alcaraz
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Charlize is a high school junior who hails from the Philippines. She currently resides in Canada, and takes interest in both Canadian and Philippine politics, as well as American Civics.

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