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Why You Should Take The Leap And Run For Student Leadership

It’s that time of the year, in my high school, when all the applications necessary for running for student leadership are due. Everywhere you turn, it seems that students are scrambling to get the signatures and support they need to fill out all of their applications. And though the thought of putting yourself out there can be quite daunting, it is something that I personally believe will be one of the best choices of my high school life.

As I am going to be a senior next school year, I am eligible to run for a great assortment of positions and opportunities. The most terrifying of all, I am now able to campaign for Head Girl; the highest position in my school’s leadership hierarchy. Though it might be a highly coveted place, few end up running in any given year. From the many forms and applications needed to be considered, to the video you need to make selling yourself to the school, there are so many steps that need to be done before even having your name put on the ballot. However, the biggest obstacles candidates need to overcome is the notorious ‘Forum’; an assembly where all candidates are asked seemingly non-sensical questions on the spot such as “If you had to be a sandwich, what sort of sandwich would you be?” in front of the entire student body. Many fear making a fool of themselves and decide to run for smaller positions that require less effort and less chances of social embarrassment.

Despite the gut-wrenching fear that Forum induces in me, I have decided that I want to run. I don’t know if I’ll be elected but, that’s not the main goal for me. Instead, I see this as a chance to break out of my shell and put myself out there. Will I make an absolute fool of myself, in front of all my classmates? Probably.

But isn’t that the point of high school? To put yourself in as many difficult positions as possible, in order to push your own boundaries and discover yourself?

I know that for many, something like this is the thing of nightmares. But, in the end, I think it’s better to make a few mistakes and take advantage of everything put in your path, instead of sitting in the background, regretting not taking the leap.

Even though a leadership position would look incredible on any resumé or college application, it can be so much more than that. It can teach new skills; ones that can’t be learned any other way. It can teach you to lead, to take control of any situation. And, perhaps most importantly, it can teach you to take advantage of all the opportunities while you still can. After all, high school leadership is a once-in-a-lifetime chance and I’d rather regret making mistakes than regret not trying at all.

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Emma Bel is just a teen who has a strong voice for gender and ethnic equality. When she's not writing about the glass ceiling or critiquing today's politicians, she can be found binge watching her favourite HBO dramas or spending her life savings on makeup.

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