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5 Ways to Travel More Efficiently

Travelling can be a bit daunting, especially to an unfamiliar country, or when you’re on a time crunch or strict budget. Because of these reasons, many people limit their travels or stop once and for all. After planning a low budget trip this spring break, I’ve picked up some essential traveling tips that can make traveling less daunting, and more effective.

1. Research thoroughly!

I can not stress this enough. Often travelers set out to a city without having any information in mind but a couple of famous, touristy landmarks. These landmarks are great for a day or two, but after a while the city becomes boring and you seem to run out of things to do. However, with proper research, this quick dull can be avoided. Start researching months beforehand. Acquaint yourself with the tourist attractions and what the locals enjoy. Make sure there are enough places to interest you and to ensure that you allot enough time. Watch videos, read articles, watch vlogs, do everything you can to have an in-depth understanding of the city and what you will experience.

2. Plan out everything!

And by everything, I mean everything. Plan out what time you will wake up, what time you will eat, what time you will relax, what time you will spend on work, etc. Make sure to have a schedule set up where everything is planned to the dot. You don’t have to follow it fully, but it will provide you an idea of how you can structure your day and how to make the most of your time.

3. Use Google Maps!

Apple Maps is convenient, but I have often found it to provide misleading and confusing directions. When you’re traveling to a new place, accurate directions is essential. One wrong turn could add minutes to hours to your trip, as well as giving you anxiety and stress. Google maps have consistently provided me with clearer directions as well as faster routes. Another great feature of Google Maps is that you can add “stops” to your trip. This way you can compile all the locations you want to visit and array them in a way to maximize your time and money.

4. Budget!

Make a rough estimate on how much money you want to spend per day. If you know you’re going to be spending your time in a place with a lot of shops, leave a bit more aside for that day. If you know this place is going to be overpriced and designed to rip off tourists, set a little less aside. This technique goes for food as well. Set a rough estimate of how much money you want to spend per meal. This will deter you from spending eleven dollars on one scoop of ice cream (true story).

5. Have fun!

Setting a budget and plan can be effective, but it could also limit your spontaneity and relaxation. If you’re feeling really lazy one day, don’t force yourself to visit all the places on the list. If you’re feeling really sad one day, don’t limit yourself from treating yourself. If you’re feeling really excited one day, don’t get thrown off by the strict timing. Cater to your own needs and emotions, because vacation is the best time to do so.

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Sameera Khan is a 17-year-old Muslim, Pakistani-American living in California. She is passionate about education reform and race relations. Check out her Arts + Culture articles here:

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