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Block Queen Jeffree Star Got Sued This Week

By now, we all know the drama that constantly surrounds YouTuber and former MySpace celebrity Jeffree Star. From his racist comments to using blackface to promote his cosmetics, he is known for being one of the most problematic internet stars. This week, Star added getting sued to his already long list of problems. He and fellow YouTuber Manny MUA were sued by MacArthur Law Firm on behalf of Black Moon cosmetics for copyright and trademark infringement over the packaging of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics x Manny MUA collaboration.

Black Moon claimed that Jeffree ripped off their logo, which features a crescent moon and their initials. Star’s version features a crescent with his star logo next to it. Black Moon was originally seeking damages due to copyright, yet they eventually decided to drop the case stating that they “wish them the best of luck in the future and is happy to put this behind us.”

Their collaboration will still launch as planned and Jeffree will come out on top. Yet, why does this seem like a reoccurring pattern with Jeffree? While this lawsuit is not the worst thing to happen to him, it is still drama. He is always being called out for his problematic behaviors, yet everyone goes back to worshipping him when it blows over. Many spoke out against him darkening Nikita Dragun’s skin for his campaign but weeks later, no one cares. He always comes out unscathed and he never seems to learn his lesson.

As someone who used to be a huge fan, I always found myself having to defend him because he would be in some new scandal. I eventually got tired of it because it gets to a point when you can no longer defend someone who is always putting themselves into drama. He never learns, and he probably will never.

It isn’t fair how we let Jeffree get away with his actions. And it’s not just Jeffree. Many fans support their “problematic favs” to the end, no matter what (cough, Chris Brown, cough). It is a toxic and sometimes even dangerous mindset for fans to have. It teaches them that these actions are okay when they are definitely not. Jeffree is almost setting an example for his fans on how to avoid consequences and attack those who call him out. He does not teach them to own up to their mistakes.

Jeffree can defend his actions all he wants, but he needs to realize how many people he is hurting in the end. This lawsuit may not seem like much compared to his previous controversies, but it is still just another one to add to this ever-growing list. Now, we just have to wait for the next one.

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Samantha Neely
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Samantha Neely is a 17 year old from Florida. She aspires to have a career in the medical research field. Passions include memes, politics and all things pop culture.

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