Meet the Student Accepted Into Stanford After Writing #BlackLivesMatter 100 Times on His Application

College applications allow aspiring students to express their values and showcase their academic skills to schools. When asked “What matters to you, and why?” high school senior Ziad Ahmed, a practicing Muslim from Princeton, New Jersey, did exactly that.

Last Saturday, Ahmed (@ziadtheactivist) tweeted that he was accepted into Stanford University after writing #BlackLivesMatter a hundred times as his answer.

Shortly after posting the tweet, the post went viral on Twitter and currently holds over 16,000 retweets and 30,000 likes. Stanford University has not commented on the application.

He hopes to use the attention his tweet has received to advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Ahmed is a self-described activist for social justice. He also founded Redefy, a non-profit organization, when he was a freshman. Redefy is dedicated to rebel against stereotypes while advocating for acceptance and tolerance in society.

As a practicing Muslim, Ahmed says that he has faced a lot of bigotry and empathizes with African-Americans.

“The Islamophobia that is heavily present in this country is connected to the legacy of racism and oppression that the Black community continues to face,” he says in an interview with CNN.

Though he has received some criticism and hate, Ahmed has also received a staggering amount of support. He hopes that this will inspire people to stand up against inequality and intolerance across the world.



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