Gender Identity Your Dog

So, clearly you don’t want to misgender anyone, and why should you misgender your dearest animal companions? Vets have assigned them genders at birth, just like doctors with humans, and we shouldn’t misgender them just because they are unable to tell us their preferred pronouns.

You may think: “Surely my dog can’t tell the difference?” However, I promise you: they can. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

  • He/Him – This one is straight out. Too gendered.
  • She/Her – This one is also a definite no. Arguably worse, when you consider that women in today’s society are insulted with words like “b*tch”.
  • They/Them – This isn’t bad. Pretty good if you can’t cope with any other gender neutral pronouns.
  • Xe/Xir – Ideal. This is perfectly neutral and won’t be misinterpreted.
  • Ze/Zir – Similar to the last, this one will sound the same and be totally indeterminable to xe/xir.
  • Ey/Em – Also very good, easy to adapt to as it’s only removing the first sounds from the traditional pronouns of he/she.
  • Fae/Faer – Definitely not. This is appropriating faefolk, which dogs and other animals simply cannot be.



  1. I’m surprised anyone could write this article with a straight face and be dead serious about it. This is a joke, right?

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