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Venezuela On Fire: 5 People Killed, A Medical Center Bombed and The Possible US Military Intervention

Ever since February 2014, protests in Venezuela have been intermittent. Right after the strike perpetuated from the TSJ to the Opposition-Majority-National Assembly, protests in Venezuela have been as active as ever, especially in Caracas, Venezuela’s capital. Ever since it started, it was easy to tell that this wasn’t like any protest seen before. You could feel and see that Venezuelans were no longer afraid: They were standing up for themselves, maybe with rocks and bare hands, but that was more than enough.

As time has passed, protests have been as strong as day 1, which was quite unexpected, considering that constantly and on their own, protests eventually stopped for a while. So, there is no surprise for us to see, that the government is stepping up their game: after 2 weeks of protesting, this week left 5 people killed and 325 people arrested. Some are “missing”. They all left too soon and aiming for freedom: Jairo Ortiz, 19 years old, Daniel Queliz, 20 years old, Miguel Colmenares, 36 years old, Bryan Principal, 14 years old and Gruseny Canelon, 32 years old. Officially, the Venezuelan Government has the blood of 50 students on their hands. Their crime? Pacific protesting.

On the other hand, now the government is using helicopters to throw tear gas bombs, bombs that, because their expiration day has passed, their consequences are quite more aggravating. It breaks down into cyanide oxide (which in large concentrations can be lethal), phosgenes and nitrogens that are extremely dangerous. If this wasn’t enough, on April 10, they tear gas-bombed a medical center: The Polyclinic Las Mercedes, which had to be evacuated, said that patients, including newborns, were asphyxiating.

Here’s a video showing the use of helicopters to throw tear gas to protestants.

Venezuela is changing, the world is changing. Even Kurt Tidd, U.S. Southern Commander, declared before the U.S. Congress that the humanitarian crisis was in need of “regional response” that could involve a military intervention in Venezuela with no intention but to establish democracy. China and Russia are quite involvement in Venezuela’s economy, not to mention that Venezuela is giving diplomatic passports to terrorists.

There is no going back. People have no fear in showing the president how much they want freedom. Brave San Felix.

There’s no doubt: we are witnessing an historical moment. Venezuela will be free, sooner than you think.

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Everyone was born to change the world in some way. I was born to fight for my country's democracy and for women's equality.

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