Who Cares If You Draw On Your Freckles?

As of lately I have been seeing beauty bloggers and Instagram makeup artists draw on their freckles with eyeliner pencils or brow pencils. At first, I thought it was offensive and shouldn’t be considered a trend that people can just draw on at their own convenience, but then I realized: who cares? Freckles are sun-exposure spots that are usually genetic, so not everyone is able to have natural freckles.

When I was in elementary and middle school, people would always say I had too many freckles, or that my skin looked spotty and weird. Insecurities about my freckles have now grown into appreciation for their uniqueness and individuality. Drawing on freckles is a trend right now, and the rest of us with natural freckles should just allow people to enhance their beauty to make them feel more confident.

Trends change, and soon enough freckles will probably be out of style again, but that will not stop me from embracing my individuality and differences. Fake freckles don’t always look natural or real, but in the end if it makes you more confident in your appearance, go for it! It might’ve taken many years for me and other young people who have natural freckles to accept their uniqueness, but if drawing on freckles makes you feel more happy and confident then do it.

I used to be particularly annoyed by fake freckles, but that was just because of my own insecurities. Freckles are a gorgeous, natural asset to beauty that many people have, and for those who don’t, let them draw them on! Uniqueness and individuality are valued in today’s society and freckles are wonderful assets to add if they aren’t already natural. Freckles are beautiful, and we should let people draw them on if they so desire to increase their self-confidence.



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