Wendy Williams Laughs At David Dao, the Victim of United Airlines’ Blatant Discrimination

Wendy Williams is no rookie to receiving controversy over her gossip talk show, the Wendy Williams Show. Recently, however, Williams crossed the line and exposed her true empathy for victims of discrimination – and it wasn’t very pretty.

Earlier this week, David Dao, a 68-year-old doctor of clear Asian descent, was “randomly selected to get off the overbooked plane” heading to Kentucky to make space for United flight attendants. Dao, who refused to get off the plane, was dragged across the aisle of the plane by police, causing him clearly visible injuries. But, it seems as though to others, like Wendy Williams, this horrid situation of institutionalized racism and discrimination is laughable and about which jokes can be made.

In a short clip of one of Wendy’s shows that she released on April 11, 2 days after the incident on the plane, Wendy does the following:

1. Chuckles after playing the video in front of her audience and laughs throughout the segment.

2. Instead of condemning the atrocity, she jokes about how Dao possibly may not have been wearing underwear.

After the clip plays, Wendy says, “It was the one thing that I noticed is…uh…I don’t think he’s wearing underwear. I think I saw something.”

Despite witnessing over 30 seconds of a man shrieking in fear, being dragged by law enforcement, and bleeding all around his face, Wendy manages to crack a Middle-School joke in order for her fans to laugh. In situations like this, Wendy Williams should have been more careful with her actions.

3. Mentions Dao’s stupidity for running back onto the plane.

“Do you want me to play it again?,” Wendy says, receiving laughter from her audience. “This is him – he ran back on the plane […] once you get kicked off a plane, do you run back on?”

Once again, Wendy is not considerate of the words actually coming out of her mouth and begins to deride and criticize David Dao for attempting to reclaim his spot on the plane and stand up to racism and police brutality.

4. Never condemns United Airlines’ racism against David Dao.

This one does not come as a surprise, considering that numbers 1-3 already are true. But all in all, Wendy never called United Airlines out for allowing such an incident to happen. Again, she makes a joke, saying:

“The man yelled out […] you’re doing this because I’m Asian. Well, that’s what black people do.”

Not to say that black people receive less police brutality than Asians or experience less racist incidents (because these problems plague the black community daily), but when it comes down to it, racism and discrimination will be racism and discrimination. What’s truly more alarming is that, as a part of the black community, Wendy should at least feel some empathy for David Dao because other races are beginning to experience racism on a larger scale than just private encounters.

At the end of the day, Wendy Williams’ comic relief relieved no one, and her inappropriate behavior regarding her discussion of David Dao being “randomly selected” to be removed from the plane shows her tolerance for toxic situations.



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Sameer Khan
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Having an interest in politics and societal issues through his school Speech & Debate team, Sameer has a true love for expressing his thoughts. When he’s not writing a powerful article, he’s probably listening to Ariana Grande’s music, scrolling through Twitter, ranting about Donald Trump, or eating cookies!

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  1. Khan is an ‘idjit’! Three other (non Adrian) passengers were asked to vacate their seats and complied.
    Do said no to authorized personnel. When someone with a badge tells you to do something you do it. If it is unfair you have recourse after the incident. Saying no or disobeying police or running from police has consequences. This is not racism it is citizens being expected to obey the law. Being non-white is not carte blanche to do as one wants!


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