3 Awesome Websites for LGBT+ Youth

Hello, my fellow members of the QUILTBAG society! Whether you’re in the closet or fully out, we all need the safe spaces provided by people with similar experiences to our own. With that in mind, here are some amazing websites you can use when you’re feeling a little lonely.

1. Just Left the Closet 

Just Left the Closet is a beta site that describes itself as a “social network for LGBT youth.” The site itself is super adorable and covered in rainbows. As it is currently only a beta program, right now all you can do is create an account and post your thoughts. Other members can show solidarity by “liking” the posts. While this site is still up-and-coming, it appears to be pretty darn cute.

2. It Gets Better Project

While it isn’t a forum, the It Gets Better website is full of videos of adult members and allies of the LGBT+ society describing their experiences and encouraging young kids who are struggling with their sexuality/gender. To a teen or preteen who feels entirely alone, the visibility of adults who once struggled themselves is invaluable.

3.  LOUD. Magazine

LOUD. Magazine is a recently-created news source dedicated to covering queer news through the eyes of LGBT+ teens. The site includes poetry, creative writing, op-ed pieces, and advice columns for teens. The subjects written about range from creative ways to use socks to how to (happily) come out of the closet. Oh, and they’re accepting both writers and submissions!

In addition to the openly LGBT+ based sites listed here, other social media haunts can be pretty great resources for the queer youth. Tumblr, Wattpad and even Twitter have their QUILTBAG corners. Finding solidarity can be hard, even in the vast universe of the Internet, but it doesn’t have to be. Depending on where you look, friendship and allyship can be only a brief click away.

Safety note: for LGBT+ teens, the world is, unfortunately, a more dangerous place. Try not to give your address or full name to anyone on the Internet, especially if you’re underage. Also, if you’re still in the closet, the safest (and easiest) way to keep your parents from finding out what websites you’ve been on is by using the Google Incognito feature on Google Chrome. Please take care of yourselves, and good luck out there!



  1. In addition to these sites, I’d like to suggest Empty Closets! It’s an LGBTQ forum where you can share stories, ask questions, or just interact with other queer people. Everyone there has always been so kind and it helped me a lot when I was questioning. There’s also a section in it where you can post anonymously if you’re scared or embarrassed to attach something to your username.

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