Steven Universe Is The Most Diverse Cartoon In The 21st Century

Steven universe is a cartoon series on Cartoon Network written and produced by Rebecca sugar. The show itself is so diverse with gender, sexuality, body type, etc. It is a great show to teacher kids that it is okay to be who you are and to identify with what ever you prefer. The show aired in 2013 with a pilot episode and from then on it became very popular amongst kids, teens and adults.
Relationship status in the show isn’t really known but is shown is a way it is like skinny love but it’s not. Many types of relationships are shown in the show and show how extreme they can get, examples would be same gender relationship, abusive, friendships, etc. Friendship is how throughout the show just through Steven himself, but for Pearl and Amethyst they have had a struggling relationship as shown in ‘On The Run’. But they fix it and fix each other, another relationship is that of garnet. She is made up of two smaller gems who love each other so much and so they fuse to be together continuously. Abusive relationship is shown too, in jasper and lapis lazuli. It is shown because jasper is the abuser who forces lapis to fuse with her gain power, but lapis only oblige to her because she did it to save Steven.
Gender is something everyone can or can not identify with, in the show the gems do not necessarily state their gender they go with but it can be inevitable that they are female. But a character that is one who we do not seems to always identify is jasper, they are a antagonist for the show. Jasper like everyone is and can be stated as a female but we do not know their gender. Through out the show many genders are shown and the diversity of genders goes in and about . Like Steven in ‘Sadie’s Song’, broke gender boundaries because he was shown wearing a skirt and makeup. I thought that was amazing and love it, Steven in the type of kid in the show who is chill with quite everything and does not care what others really think of him.
Body types, bodily preferences, etc. is shown throughout the show and is thrown out the window. It is because in the show all body types are shown with the diverse body types of everybody. It is so good because it teaches kids to be c for table in the skin they are in no matter who questions it or discriminates against it.
But the show it self also features different types of emotions and the many ways they are shown in a different person. But one stands out, sadness. Like the death of pink diamond, the two other diamonds that are shown grieve for her lose and are sad. But blue diamond only shows it truly while yellow diamond grieves on the inside alone and bottles her feelings to forget. Rose quartz was the original leader of the rebellion and mother to Steven, it is so sad because all the gems had such a close relationship with her and Steven just feels that he isn’t enough for them. But that is not at all the case. It is hurtful for Steven because even though gape has never met rose he feels that sadness like everyone else.
All in all Steven Universe is a very diverse show and is great for kids to understand many aspects of how the world is changing.



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