Why the Most Important Thing You Can Do is Vote

Will June be the end of May?

Theresa May, the British Prime Minister announced today that there would be a general election on the 8th of June. In a shocking twist, May changed her mind and went back on what her previous statement vowing that she would never have a snap election. May’s announcement brings a lot to light, it also calls much into question, For example, May had previously stated how divisive a second Scottish referendum would be, but a snap election is arguably just as divisive. However, perhaps most importantly, this snap election is a reminder of the importance, and power, of our vote.

In light of the shocking news, many pointed out the irony.

Of the young people in the UK, many felt unrepresented and divided. Users took to Twitter to express their dismay.

It was widely discussed that May has no viable competition and that therefore they are unsure of which opposition to vote for.

Varying advice has been passed around, and much of the opinion seemed to be to push out the Tory majority, a party which can be seen as one that does not cater to marginalized people within the UK.

Opinion amongst young people is divided. Regardless, for a democracy to be even slightly functional, you must use your vote. The power of the younger generations vote is obvious, now more than ever.

With many young people dismayed at the result of the EU referendum, it is a shame that had we all gone out and voted, we would have had the power to change the outcome.

Many young people do not have the privilege of a vote – we in the UK do. It is vital to use your vote, as at the end of the day, it is your NHS, your tuition fees and ultimately your country that will be affected. Many feel disillusionment towards the voting system, however, nothing about it will change if you do not vote for change. And you cannot complain about its state if you do not actively try to affect change.

It is easy to inform yourself on the different sides policies and vote with the party which most closely aligns with your own beliefs. Regardless of the way you decide to vote, the most important thing is that you are registered and use your voice, and realize the power of your vote.



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