Donald Trump Has Inspired More Than 11,000 Women to Run for Office

Many of us and hopefully most of us can agree on the fact that Donald Trump’s presidency has been a total mess. However, there still happens to be something positive to come out of it. According to Emily’s List, which is an organization that attempts to recruit pro-choice democratic women to run for office, there has been a huge rise in women who are interested in running for political office.

Stephanie Schriock, who is the president of Emily’s List, told the Washington Post, “During the 2016 cycle, her group spoke with about 900 women interested in running for school board, state legislature or Congress.” Since the election, they have heard from over 11,000 women from all 50 states who are strongly considering to run for office.

“Over ten thousand women isn’t a ripple — it’s a wave,” Schriock said last month. “The thousands of women who have reached out to Emily’s List since the election are a testament to the energy, determination, and resistance we’ve seen from Day One of Donald Trump’s presidency.”

In another statement, Schriock also said that the high interest from women to run for office is due to the dangerous agendas that are being pushed by Donald Trump himself and the Republican party who are “determined to turn back the clock on women’s progress.”

Trump’s win showed many women and men all over America that an unqualified man is highly capable of winning over an incredibly qualified woman and this isn’t something new. Stuff like this is happening every single day, all over the world, we see it in the workplace and at school. Women’s opinions, goals, and career positions are constantly being controlled by men. This has to change, and the women who are interested in running for office are the ones who are going to change that. We need more women in office who come from all different kinds of backgrounds to show young girls that anything is possible and we will never back down from a fight.



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