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The Final Stretch: How to Stay Motivated Towards the End of the School Year

The months between the end of spring break to the end of the academic year are difficult. The month between majors exams and project deadlines to the end of the academic year is even more difficult. The week before the end of the academic year is so difficult- that it seems insurmountable. With finals, deadlines, exams, projects, AP’s, SAT’s, and applications slowly piling on top of one another, the climb towards academic success seems more mountainous and dangerous as the days roll by. Motivation among students is at an all-time low, with many either moping about their grades or daydreaming about their summer plans. However, motivation is most needed at this time. Here’s how you to keep climbing to success:

  1. Keep a Daily Schedule

One of the most difficult aspects of this time of the year is the insane amounts of work. It seems as if no time in the world would allow one to finish the tasks. 

Many students either have one of two reactions; they either stress out so much that they can’t get anything done or they feel so overwhelmed that they decide not to even try.

Both circumstances hinder potential and end with unsatisfactory results. In order to complete tasks within this small amount of time, a daily schedule is essential. Every hour, every minute, every second of one’s day should hold some meaning and importance. A daily schedule will provide a game plan on how to tackle tasks and when to go about it. In addition, it serves as motivation in itself. Writing down want one wants to accomplish, makes it that much easier to actually follow through. It allows one to visualize the tasks in a timely, doable manner rather than a seemingly, impossible feat.

  1. Limit Your Fun Time

With spring break just finished and looming summer break, everyone seems to be in the mood to have fun. The weather is beautiful, the music festivals are abundant, and there seems to be an event happening every weekend. However, getting caught up in this fun flurry is one of the most detrimental actions one can do during this final stretch.

Going out every weekend may have been plausible back in January, but in May with only a couple of weeks left to lift that D to a B, it simply is not.

One must limit their excursions and leisures and live a frugal life until the fear of academics is over. A couple of outings here and there are sufficient enough to stay sane; however, going out everyday is probable to hinder success.

  1. Remember to Breathe.

The stress students are accustomed to on a daily basis is already quite disturbing. The stress on students during these stressful weeks is almost terrifying. Grades and exams are significant, but mental health is of utmost importance. If school becomes too stressful and one feels a complete loss of motivation, reach out to someone. Remind oneself that it will all be okay and that these couple of weeks will be over before they know it. Reminds oneself to breathe.

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Sameera Khan
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Sameera Khan is a 17-year-old Muslim, Pakistani-American living in California. She is passionate about education reform and race relations. Check out her Arts + Culture articles here:

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