Start Fresh By Learning a Foreign Language

Personally, I am in love with foreign languages. I just simply like the fact that I can speak, read, and understand in more than one language. It allows you to stand out and as perk, you sound interesting. It can be very handy at times when there is a need for transaltion. From my experience, accomplishing to learn a foreign language is one of the most gratifying feelings. So why not embark on a new goal this spring to learn a foreign language? You just might find yourself enjoying the experience.

Some may just disagree and say learning a foreign language is useless because that’s what Google Translate is for. Let me turn those smug faces upside down. I am a fluent Spanish speaker and so one day I decided to test out Google Translate’s accuracy. Turns out that my results revealed that the majority of the time, it is accurate but it did have some errors on a few translations. Yet, learning a foreign language is more than speaking it, one can’t help straying to the language’s culture. The fascination than leads to traveling.

If you do set this as a spring goal or just a goal for the year, anything really, than I encourage commitment to it. Remember, it takes 21 days to form a habit! I know school, work, sports, lots of things can get in the way of such amazing opportunity but I’ll let you in a little hack. To learn Portuguese, I used the app, Duolingo. It is very beneficial because you can literally do one lesson in 5 minutes and words and phrases actually stick to you. 5 minutes everyday should be possible and if you miss a day, it’s okay just make sure to do the lesson the next time you have a window of opportunity. The best part is that Duolingo is completely free!  Oh! I almost forgot, it offers more than 15 foreign languages to choose from!

To all future college students, it is a requirement to take one foreign language but don’t be bummed about it. Enjoy the class! Learning a new language doesn’t hurt. Who knows, maybe thanks to the class you open yourself to more job opportunities. Also, if you plan to study abroad, you will be so much prepared for the country and it’s language! Learn Spanish to go to Spain or Latin America, learn French to got to France, simply learn to travel. You won’t regret it! I promise you, the process maybe tedious but it is worth the try.




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