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Dolce & Gabbana Cause Social Media Outrage With Their Latest “Thin & Gorgeous” Sneakers

In what seemed to be a PR nightmare for most fashion companies, Stefano Gabbana has had himself a field day trolling positive body activists and feminists on social media.

It all started when social media expressed their outrage for one of Dolce & Gabbana’s latest $1,195 sneakers that look like they’ve been doodled on with permanent marker and decorated with small decals and studs. What caused the uproar came from a proclamation on the side of the shoe stating: “I’m Thin & Gorgeous” in blue, capitalized and bolded.

Evidently, most were not impressed as it clearly excluded plus size women from the message it was sending, something the fashion industry has been scrutinized for as long as it’s been around. In fact, Claise Mysko, CEO of the National Eating Disorder Association spoke with Yahoo! Style and let them know the message the shoe was sending, although meant to be funny, could, in fact, pose malicious intent:

Though there may be an element of cheeky humor at play in the design of these sneakers, equating thinness and beauty with success and status is a message that hurts everyone. […] The fashion industry has a long history of glamorizing the thin ideal, and this message is one more example of the industry’s insistence on placing thinness on a pedestal.

Upon facing the backlash, Stefano Gabbana, an Italian fashion designer and co-founder of Dolce & Gabbana, decided to respond, although not in an apologetic or remorseful manner. In fact, Gabbana decided that further body-shaming was going to be his method of approach in this situation, and he took to Instagram to express exactly how he felt towards the criticism.

In one of his initial reactions, he stated: “When idiocy distorts reality!!! Incredible!!!! Next time we’ll write ‘LOVE TO BE FAT AND FULL OF CHOLESTORAL.’”

In fact, this initial post was followed by an abundance of videos and pictures reacting to the articles written about the shoe, as well as comments by fans.

So instead of ignoring the backlash, removing the shoe, or apologizing, Gabbana decided to push forward a stereotype that was clearly an attack on plus size people. It is important to note that plus size people being the only ones with high cholesterol is, in fact, a misconception, as children, young people and thin people are all susceptible to the dangers of high cholesterol.

Hopefully, upon the evident fat-shaming of Dolce & Gabbana, plus size women around the world stop hurting themselves in order to fit into the clothes of already problematic companies like this because your mental health and body positivity are worth far more than any shoe.

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Fatima Alvarenga
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Fatima is an undergraduate student in Ottawa, Canada. Currently enrolled in communications and media studies, she aims to work for a major media company upon graduating. She adores KimYe and considers herself a stan! Find her on Twitter: @sealnationn

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