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In April, Argentinian Women Were Abused and Murdered Every Day

On the very first day of April, 21-year-old student and feminist Micaela García disappeared on the town of Gualeguay. After a huge nationwide search for the young woman, her body was found naked in a state of decomposition with marks on her neck only a week later. Her death shook the entire country and had everyone enraged. This, however, was only the first of many tragedies we would witness.

One day after the disappearance of Micaela, 22-year-old Araceli Fulles went missing. 25 days later, her body was found in the house of her alleged killer Darío Gastón Baradacco covered with cement and lime. Baradacco was noticed by a pregnant woman of the neighborhood and she let police officers know, and she claims to have been poorly treated there. These are the two most known cases of the 20 femicides of the month registered up until April, 29.
Here is a calendar that kept up with the devastating cases of violence against women. According to it, 10 of the murders were accompanied with sexual abuse. Also, hundreds of women have taken social media to tell their experiences to try to help their sisters out. Since 2015, the movement “Ni Una Menos” (“not one less” in English) has started to bring more people together and raised awareness about this very real and outraging issue in many protests, becoming very popular and spreading through many countries.

In Argentina, a woman is killed every 30 hours due to their gender (counting to 111 in the first 4 months of 2017) and 50 cases of sexual assault happen every day. These percentages are only growing every year, and the situation has hit its boiling point. It is very hard to put all of these thoughts into words, but we cannot let this happen anymore and we all have to do something. Inform, educate, protect and call out your leaders, it is the least we can do.

Belén, Micaela, Claudia, Silvia, María Estela, Mirta, Florencia, Silvina, Marina, Ornella, Antonia, Lucía, Karina, María Adela, Gabriela, Noemí, Cielo, Paulina, Cristina, María Esther, Tamara, Alejandra, Marina, Silvia, Carmen, Tamara, Mayra, Analía, Araceli, Teresa. Say their names. They will never be forgotten.

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Federico Bongiorno
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Federico is a 20 year old student from Buenos Aires who loves pop culture and learning something new every day. He believes spreading information and educating is the only way to go forward as a society.

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