Freeing Yourself from Self-Doubt

Growing up in a generation where perfection is defined by your beauty and success, it’s extremely easy for us to become doubtful towards ourselves and what we’re capable of achieving. For me, one of the hardest things to overcome has been the damage my own voice has had imposed in my life. I’ll talk myself out of posting a picture because of the fear of not being pretty enough, refuse to talk to someone because I tell myself that my voice doesn’t make a difference, or simply quit something because of the doubt I have towards my own capability to achieve it. As I’ve gotten older, these negative voices and thoughts have become more and more prominent in my life, and it’s become something seemingly impossible to escape from. Whatever situation I find myself in, my voice is always one to outweigh the others and bring me down.

As I thought about what could be done to end the negativity I was bringing into my life, I was completely lost. How could someone possibly escape their own voice? We’re supposed to trust ourselves above everyone else, and how are we able to do that when we become our own enemies? As these questions filled my mind, the answer came to me. The only way we could ever be free of the self-doubt we fill our minds with is by replacing every negative thought with a positive one, and by starting to truly believe in ourselves and our capabilities.

It’s completely amazing that we were all made to be entirely different in every way, shape, and form. When we try to be like the next person out of the fear of not being sufficient just as we are, we really aren’t accomplishing anything- and only THEN do we become the boring, useless person that we all fear becoming. It’s a process that I still need to work through every day, but when a thought fills my mind and questions my worth, I’ll immediately shut it down and speak back to it- telling myself that I am worth it and that I’m going to do amazing things in this life. Defend yourself from your own negative thoughts, and work to become your number one fan. At the end of the day, nothing and no one will be able to bring you down if you know what you’re worth and what you’re capable of achieving.




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