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Katy Perry Wears a Design By Anti-Semite John Galliano Adding Yet Another Mess Into Her Life

Katy Perry, as co-chair for this year’s Met Ball, was one of the first to arrive at the exclusive, over-the-top yearly party for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This year’s dress code was “avant-garde” which was in honor of designer Rei Kawakubo (founder of the extravagant brand Comme Des Garçon and fashion retail company Dover Street Market) who is this year’s honoree and has an entire exhibit of her work curated by heard curator Andrew Bolton.

However, Katy Perry has stirred up some controversy for her choice of wear and not because of what she is wearing (which is honestly quite questionable as well), but rather because of who designed it. Perry is wearing a piece by Maison Margiela designed by former Dior-designer John Galliano.

If you’re unaware, back in 2011, Galliano was videotaped exclaiming racist and anti-semitic comments to strangers at the La Perle bar in Paris. The altercation allegedly lasted 45 minutes, with over 30 anti-semitic slurs being said within that time span and comments ranging from “I love Hitler” to “People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be fucking gassed.” After the general population caught wind of this, a loud brawl uprose leading Galliano to eventually be fired by Dior. Since then, he became an urban legend until a 2013 interview where he apologized publicly and a couple years became a designer of Maison Margiela.

This past week has not been on Perry’s side either. Controversy originally arose by her own largely gay fanbase on Twitter after she announced her collaboration with Migos who had just recently been under fire for homophobic comments in a Rolling Stone interview towards ILoveMakonnen who had just prior come out as gay. “That’s because the world is fucked up,” said Offset. Takeoff follows up with, “This world is not right.” Quavo diverted their comments from possibly being homophobic (Didn’t work!), replying with, “We ain’t saying it’s nothing wrong with the gays,” but then says “he first came out talking about trapping and selling Molly, doing all that. That’s wack, bro.” After the backlashed, they apologized.

Controversy once again swooped in when Perry was on Instagram live and exclaimed a tone-deaf comparison between her hair and President Obama saying, “Aw, someone says, ‘I miss your old black hair.’ Aw, really? Do you miss Barack Obama as well? Okay, times change. Bye.” Record producer Mano apparently saw it and then told a story about her and her history with using the n-word.

“Y’all really are fuckin delusional,” he wrote on Twitter. “i was in paris in a club with hxlt, ibn, plan pat and virgil was dj’n. katey was dance’n on my cuz hxlt. this was the day b4 ye fashion show. while she was juke’n my cuz she started calling us her ‘n***as’ and we asked her 2 stop a few times. she couldn’t understand why and we had 2 explain 2 her that it wasn’t endering and it was really offensive. y’all can think w/e silly shit u want but u not me and u wasn’t there.”

“Seriously i have no personal vendetta with her, why would i make that up,” he continued. “i tweeted it in 2013. whats more amazing is. i tweeted that shit in 2013 & y’all aint say’n shit about it until u catch the person red handed? who the bigger fool. no 1 cared that my feelings were hurt as a person. a famous caucasian person thought it was ok 2 say that word 2 me 2 relate with me. instead of thinking i am a liar why wouldn’t u empathize with me and think man she hurt that guys feelings by acting privileged.”


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