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How the New ‘Pink Whale’ Game Is Aiming for Positivity and Kindness

Credit: Baleia Rosa

The ‘Blue Whale’ suicide game has become news in the past few days, as brand new cases have been made publicly in places such as Russia and Brazil. It has been reported that over 130 teenagers have taken their lives because of this “challenge” which consists of 50 different tasks given by a “curator” to each player that go from waking up in the middle of the night, to acts of self-harm and at last, suicide. If the player fails to complete a task, they are threatened by their curator.

This devastating phenomenon has been having people all over the internet worried, specifically parents who may not know how to notice if their children have suicidal thoughts or are dealing with mental health issues. However, some people have taken this opportunity to make some good out of it, and a graphic designer and a publicist have teamed up to create the ‘Pink Whale’ or ‘Baleia Rosa‘ game, which goal consists of saving a life.

The heartwarming project, created in the last days of April, is already on Facebook with over 285,000 likes, and it is slowly expanding to languages such as Spanish and English. Being the opposite of ‘Blue Whale’, the Brazilian challenge does not give an assigned curator but is instead open for everyone, and it has many challenges aimed for teenagers that can be seen as difficult but harmless.

There are already over 50 tasks, and they include “With a marker, write on someone’s skin how much you love them.”, “Write on your timeline or post a picture with the quote: ‘I am beautiful – #PinkWhale'” and “Make a generous act, make someone smile.”, promoting self-love, acceptance, kindness and overall having a better and more positive point of view to life.

Initiatives like this will not give a stop to the saddening amount of teenage suicides that happen every year, but if we get more involved with these sort of things we may see things from another perspective. Happiness and positivity are contagious, and if we spread what we have more often, we could change someone else’s life and maybe even our very own.

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Federico Bongiorno
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Federico is a 19 year old student from Buenos Aires who loves pop culture and learning something new every day. He believes spreading information and educating is the only way to go forward as a society.

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