Why Black People Are Allowed To Be Anti-White

We’ve all heard it before. The whole “you’re racist against white people” argument. It usually follows up with someone explaining social stratification theory, and how “reverse racism” is not a thing. To anyone with common sense, that would be a valid argument. But for some strange reason, white folks enjoy “debunking” sociology (an actual science, by the way!) with their dismissive argument of the “enslavement of the Irish people”.

The Irish that came to America were indentured servants that had full legal rights and were not considered property. The dynamics were completely different. White people stole black folks from Africa, declared us as legally subhuman, and subjected us to cultural genocide for well over a century. They instilled systems of oppression that disadvantaged us at every conceivable opportunity, and even after the system of slavery was “abolished”, decades later we are still subjected to redlining and generational poverty, horrible abuse at the hands of law enforcement, and sentenced to years in prison for petty crimes due to our faulty judicial system.

“Every possible aspect of society perpetuates racism in one way or another.” 

If we go back to history when there were points where white folks were “enslaved”, it could never be compared to the disastrous past we’ve faced. White people weren’t taken away from their country by black people who were too lazy to work. They weren’t forced to work under deplorable conditions, labeled as not human, dehumanized, publicly lynched, bombed on their own country’s soil, or unlawfully experimented on by the government. People love to play the victim in order for them to not be confronted with reality.

Marginalized groups of people that have experienced centuries of institutionalized racism & colonization shouldn’t have to be nice to their oppressors when it comes to activism. Minority groups that are systematically disadvantaged > your feelings. White supremacists get on social media to show receipts of activists on black twitter being sarcastic, exclaiming “white hatred” when really, insults directed towards whites wouldn’t affect their social status or privilege. That is not oppression. 

Black people are exclaiming our hatred for whites when it was them who declared we weren’t human. We are exclaiming our hatred for whites when they declared that we were only 3/5 the value of a white man. They put us into zoos with monkeys and chimpanzees, saying we were animals. They made it illegal for us to live outside of the ghettos. They required us to use different water fountains & restrooms. They committed treason under their own constitution and dropping bombs on U.S. soil because we were giving children free food. They coined violent slurs against us, reducing us to the six letters of the n-word. They disproportionately slaughtered us in cold blood in the streets with videos and pictures of our bodies being put on tv screens in public spectacle like they’re on display.

You have the privilege of saying “two wrongs don’t make a right” because you’ve never been targeted by centuries of systemic racism. You’re a couple hundred years too late for that, so stop making yourself the victim. We have plenty of other things to worry about.



    1. First of all, she needs to gert her facts straight.
      1. The first slave owner in the U.S. was a black man.
      2. White people didn’t just go to Africa and start kidnapping black Africans to use as slaves. Black Africans were kidnapping other black Africans and making them slaves. They sold those slaves to white people.
      3. African is not the only race of people that have been enslaved or mistreated.
      4. Not all white people owned slaves.
      5. White people helped black people get their freedom and rights. Without good white people, black people would still be slaves in this country.
      6. Racism is racism. If you hate someone because of their race, you are racist.
      7. YOU were never a slave. YOU have the same “privelage” as white people.
      8. If you think your life is so bad here in the U.S. leave. Move back to Africa and experience true suffrage.
      9. Black people are not the ony ones mistreated by the police. In fact, it has more to do with social status than it does race. Poor people are mistreated, regardless of race. By the way, there are plenty of poor white people.

      You do not have the RIGHT to hate anyone. If you want a good life, work hard!

      1. Thank you! Brilliantly written truth, I’m white my mother has black in her and my husband’s people r black he came from the mississippi Knight’s family also my favorite teacher was black in the 60’s and she loved me also.

    2. Rihananlylu will sure hold some valuable degrees when/if ‘it’ finishes ‘school’. Not. You’d have to be insane to ever hire, or rent to, somebody like this – regardless of it’s skin color.

  1. What a disappointingly ignorant article, yet I heard absolutely nothing new. The author claims that slavery is they justification of all manner of race related incidents perpetrated by blacks upon whites. This is nothing new. Black on white crime outpaces white on black crime by orders of magnitude. But that could never be recognized as the cause of anti black racism. It is staggering. Whites are just supposed to take and continually apologize for the wrong of slavery practiced to this day by the non white peoples of this world and outlawed by Europeans. Less than 4% of whites ever even owned slaves. Most had less work because of it.

    Irish slavery is not a justification for racism of any kind. The author uses it as a straw man to prove that white people are whiners. It is not necessary for the Irish to prove they suffered degradation. Many have. Many people have. Blacks don’t have a monopoly on that. Racism is racism regardless ofor whether the victim is white, black or whatever. You can’tell just write your own rules and expect to succeed in a civil society.

  2. You can dress it up any way you like, but you’re still advocating hatred of a group based on skin color. Believing that “two wrongs don’t make a right” isn’t a luxury, it’s simply a principle to make one a better human being. If you don’t want to follow it, that’s fine, but I suggest you take a good long look at yourself in the mirror, because you’re a hypocrite, preaching a dangerous ideology that will only push people further apart rather than bringing them together.

  3. What a load of garbage. ALL servants, black and white, were indentured servants, until a black man, Anthony Johnson, who had black and white servants, became the first man in America to legally own a slave, when a judge ruled that a black servant who ran away from Johnson’s homestead, was to be returned and considered Johnson’s property. HE set the precedent….a BLACK man was the first slave-owner in colonial America. This isn’t about past slavery, this is about a certain percentage of today’s black population who have been driven insane with racist propaganda. If they really cared about black slavery, they would do something to stop the blacks who are being sold into slavery right this very minute, by Muslims in Africa…or at least mention that it’s happening. But no…they just want to hate white people

  4. Lol. You don’t even properly understand that the Dred Scot decision was an important emancipation measure. When the Union was forming the continental congress with the confederacy, the way they determined how many representative seats each state held was by population numbers. The slave states wanted to count all of their slaves toward that number, which would have given them a considerable amount of “extra” reoresenration, and as a reluctant compromise, the Union allowed them to count each slave as 3/5 of a person toward their overall population. If that agreement was never reached, the confederacy would have controlled congress and the abolition movement would have been destroyed.

  5. Black folk had it good before emancipation: free meals, a roof over their heads, and good, wholesome work.

  6. “People love to play the victim in order for them to not be confronted with reality.”

    The irony is strong with this one.

    1. It’s only ironic if she’s playing the victim, which she’s not because POC are actually still victims. A well thought out answer is weak with this one.

  7. How has this not been reported for racism? Hiw can they publish this shit and get away with it? You know what… Fuckin’ white people ARE weak. There is an address linked to this bitch somewhere. If not her, her family.

  8. Obviously a racist is going to present an argument for why it’s a racist. It’s almost child like ignorance, the way one racist will point out another and condemn their actions, while at the same time not acknowledging that they are the same side. It has always been Americans against racists and no amount of bullshit will change that. The irony, is that there is an article right below this racial propaganda is an article called “Why the Generalizations of an Entire Group are Toxic”. Though I guess I am toxic, since I believe all racists should be outcast from society to prevent them from spreading their stupidity.

  9. “People love to play the victim in order for them to not be confronted with reality,” Irony at its finest

  10. You see? Look at all these hateful post from average caucasian Americans who lack knowledge,wisdom,intellect etc. Pathetic. Thank you Sistar for telling the truth. They. Are. Not. Ready.

  11. You are an idiotic racist. You have accomplished nothing in your life. You are just a poor, indentured servant. You will never be anything more. You are worthless and mean nothing to society. Have a good day.

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