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According to the GOP, You’re Safe Before You’re Born But Completely Screwed Afterwards

Note: The idea for this article was based on a bit from American comedian, George Carlin. The video can be found linked below in the quote.

It would be interesting to dive inside the mind of a conservative to identify exactly what their thought process is. One main conservative viewpoint is that abortion is inherently wrong and should be illegal, and thus the pro-life movement was born. This is, of course, not breaking any laws and it is definitely their right to support their own beliefs. However, looking at other beliefs of many conservatives seems to contradict this political stream’s defense for being anti-abortion.

When questioned about why a conservative does not support a woman’s right to choose what she wants to do with her body, they often reply that the “child” is innocent and did nothing to deserve “murder.” Conservatives are known for not supporting government programs that benefit those that are less fortunate, such as the welfare program and food stamps. They claim that many of these people are lacking the effort required to live a life without government assistance, rather than the reality that many of these circumstances are beyond the control of the individual without some help. Basically, they do not care that you are in a financially-strained situation because it is not their problem. If it is not their job to have to help out those who are in need, why is it their job to decide on the rights of other peoples’ bodies?

A comparison of conservative and liberal views on the reasoning behind poverty.

“If you’re pre-born, you’re fine. If you’re pre-school, you’re f*cked.”

It seems to be that once you have left your mother’s womb, you are no longer an innocent child who needs to be protected. It is not your fault you were born to a mother who was not ready for you, but it is your fault that you were born into poverty and cannot escape it. It is your fault that you are mentally ill and are unable to take care of yourself. It is also your fault that this country’s systematic racism, sexism and/or ableism has continuously prevented you from being able to obtain a decent job. Apparently, you are no longer in need of protection once it looks like it might cost some people a few extra dollars a year. You are no longer a controllable embryo, therefore you have lost the support of the GOP.

“The belief that such assistance breeds overreliance on government is a key component of Republican arguments against programs like food stamps, with lawmakers condemning what they call the ‘culture of permanent dependency’ and holding up individuals like Fox News’ ‘food stamp surfer’ as examples of typical beneficiaries.”

Conservatives seem to only be interested in your welfare when you are not even a complete person yet. Once they are able to determine your social and economic status, though, you are totally and completely screwed.

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Hailey is a 16 year old from Dallas who is an editor on her school's yearbook staff, and a member of the academic decathlon team. When she has a moment to breathe, she enjoys binge-watching Netflix shows and eating way too much ice cream.

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