Stop Blaming Everything On Teenagers

Every teenager has heard from one time or another the sham of a generation that we’re living in. There’s no way around it. It’s on TV; it’s on magazines, all throughout media. It’s become quite a popular trend to attack the teenagers, and has been for quite some time now, that are growing up in an already tough time in the world. There are countless people out there advocating for movements that will affect the future of the world greatly, there are people who think that we’re over-sensitive for speaking about racism and/or homophobia, but I find that ironic. Isn’t it true that there were street riots caused by pro-segregation activists in the 20th century? I find that to be a sham.

Technology, it seems, is one of the biggest motivations for prejudice against this generation. We have iPhones, and all kinds of social media. It’s true. This is the golden era or technology. However, I don’t see what is so wrong about it. I think it’s great – we’re curious about the culture around us and technology just happens to be part of it of that culture. Personally, it feels illogical to focus so meticulously on such an innocent topic like technology. Is social media partially an issue? Of course, for every little amount of good there’s an equal amount of evil. It doesn’t somehow make us imbeciles for having it. (Although it is up to debate!)

It feels as though teenagers have always remained the same through the decades if you really dig deeper, read through history, the culture, the underground of teen rebellion. I’d say that one of the only differences is the high amount of teenagers who are conscious about social/political issues surrounding us, but that’s merely because of the power of the internet, the ruthless in-your-face online activism that – in fact! – works. You see that when you see teen after teen after teen fighting alongside adults in protests.

Truthfully, at the end of the day, this generation of adolescents behaves the exact same way that they did in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s (and so forth); the fact that we publicize it just makes us out to be wild animals. Anybody before the millennial generation would’ve done the same if they had the technology that we do. You know it’s true. We all do. But someone needs to be excoriated, right? Why not the new kids, since there’s so much proof on it out on the Internet, right?

I believe in progressing and starting off by not blaming everything on teens would be fantastic. It may seem (to some) as so the entire world is collapsing simply because of the fact we want a say in our future but it’s natural. We’re expected to be trialled and treated as adults, but suddenly we’re children when it comes down to “big kid” decisions. I think that’s all garbage. Make a decision.



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