Republicans: Be Scared. Your Days Are Numbered.

To some, Donald Trump’s election was a huge win for the Republican Party. To others, it was the beginning of the end.

As white people’s President becomes more entrenched in scandal, and his tweets become more and more volatile, a lot of pressure is starting to build upon the Republican Party. This is their candidate, right? This is the man who won the presidency for them, right? Despite the impropriety that the Trump Campaign showed in 2016, they stood behind him through it all—and won. If anyone should be pulling the leash on his neck, it should be them.

Except… Most of them aren’t. There are exceptions—like Ana Navarro, who constantly tweets about the ineptitude of the Trump Administration—but most Republicans are willing to shield their eyes and continue packing behind Donald Trump. Hypocrites, is a good word to call them. Spineless, would be another. Some could even call them treasonous, considering how even the building information of Russian interference isn’t swaying their position. They are perfectly capable of understanding what Donald Trump is doing to this country, but they simply refuse to make any action about it. Party over country, after all.

At the very least, most Republicans that back Trump’s plans are refusing to accept culpability. They support him, but they don’t want to be seen as avid supporters. They want the advantages, but they don’t want the backlash and controversy that comes with Trump.

Recently, though, that’s become harder to do. After the election, there has been a noticeable increase in protests at Republican Town Halls. Citizens of America are seeing through the nonsense and deception, and some of them are finally starting to take action. Some Republicans are even fearing for their safety. Martha McSally, a United States Representative, received three threatening messages in her voicemail that threatened to shoot her for supporting the AHCA.

This outcry is to be expected—especially when they’re petitioning to take healthcare away from millions of people, especially when people’s very lives are on the line. Healthcare seems to be a very touchy subject for the normal people that they take advantage of. They don’t want to sit down and listen to empty promises. They want action. Positive action. And that’s just something that Donald Trump’s Administration—and in association, the Republican Party itself—can not give.

Fire is spreading. The discontent with the new administration is blatant. Jon Ossoff nearly won an outright race in Georgia, and an underfunded candidate in Kansas only lost by 7 points (in a district that Republicans won by more than 30 points last year). To make a long story short, Donald Trump is hurting the Republican Party in more ways than one.

If they don’t reject Trump and everything that he stands for—including the infamous American Health Care Act—then conservatives will be in a very tough position come 2018 and 2020.



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