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White Supremacy And The White Genocide Myth Perpetuated By White “Nationalists” In South Africa

Contrary to white popular belief, there is no such thing as white genocide in South Africa. The white genocide myth however is fueled by white supremacists who walk proudly in the footsteps of their ancestors, our oppressors.

South Africa’s “democracy” is young. It’s only been 23 years since our first democratic election. We’re far from being a non-racial society. At the heart of this very myth, however, is white people’s disdain for equality. Their disdain for black lives, their disdain for the idea of a society where they will no longer be above other races because that would mean that they lose their privileges, the oxygen tank of their superiority.

Forget the fact that most statistics that these predominantly white movements put out about “white genocide” have been debunked at every intersection, there’s not a single definitive statistical report that would lead any sane person to conclude that South Africa’s white race is systematically and deliberately being killed.

Crime is rampant in South Africa and it affects every race and every gender – by varying degrees. For instance, intersectionality is pivotal when studying statistics of these crimes, who they’re most likely perpetuated on (considering predispositions), where crimes are happening, why they’re happening there, the frequency, the root and effect. For instance, black people experience more violent crime because most violent crimes happen in townships, under developed areas which were reserved for “non-white” people from the late 19th century until the end of apartheid, because there’s little employment there, little development and little social progress, black people experience crime more than white people.

At the epitome of this null outcry is the fact that farm murders are common. The very same farms where they forced a black man into a coffin, where they killed a black child for allegedly stealing a sunflower and where they are openly racist towards black farm workers. White people perpetuate this myth so that they can justify their inherent racism.

White people have stolen everything from black South Africans, they’ve now resorted to appropriating oppression.

The white genocide in South Africa myth has travelled globally. In fact, it achieved what I imagine is its goal when it became one of Dylann Roof’s motivations for brutally killing nine black people in a Charleston church in 2015. In his manifesto “The Last Rhodesian” on his website, Dylann Roof paid homage to South African white supremacists by referencing imaginary discrimination against white people here. The terrorist also praised apartheid as evidence that a black majority can be controlled by a white minority. If that doesn’t make you weary of racist white people, I don’t know what will.

Let’s close the chapter on this, genocide is when a large group of people of a specific ethnicity or nation are deliberately murdered in an attempt to erase that group’s very existence. Did this happen to white people in South Africa? No.

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Thabi Myeni
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South Africa || BLACK || Intersectional Feminist

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