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A Reminder to Be Anybody You Want to Be

Being a kid is pretty tough in today’s society. So much pressure is put on teenagers every day between juggling school, relationships, working and attempting to fit in, teens are constantly stressed out. It seems as if we live in a society where we care more about what others think of us more than our happiness and that should NOT be the case.

When you’re growing up, you’re in the process of finding yourself. Although this is a quite exciting journey to take on, it can also get really confusing and overwhelming. In the process of finding yourself, you may come across the temptation of becoming someone that impresses others. If that’s the situation you seem to get yourself into, I have one word for you: don’t!

Always remember to be yourself and never change for anyone. If you stick to being yourself the right people will come along in your life. When we pretend to be someone we’re not, it’s not any sort of fun. When you act yourself, your soul is free and you’re ultimately happier with yourself. What’s the point of acting like someone you’re not? Impressing someone who isn’t your teacher, boss, professor, or parent just isn’t worth it.

Don’t chase people by trying to be someone you’re not. That is inviting the wrong people into your life. By being yourself you will attract the right people in your life that will do good for you. The people who belong in your life will come and find you. There’s no need to alter anything about you or yourself for the sake of someone’s liking. The right people will stay in your life.

At the end of the day, your happiness is what should matter most. You’ll ultimately be happier if you act like yourself. The most important thing to remember is to remember to stay on course. When we don’t act like ourselves it may result in making some stupid choices to impress someone. Never ever do that to yourself. Always remember to make the right choices and always be yourself and never change for anyone, everything else will fall into place.

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Samantha Merzel
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Samantha Merzel is an aspiring journalist who loves flowers, coffee, peace, and Corey Haim. She is greatly inspired by Corey Haim's quote "Let's work it out together and live in peace forever", she hopes her writing will begin a spark of working it out together so that the world can live in peace and love.

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