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Random Acts: The Non-Profit Organization That Spreads Kindness

If you follow @mishacollins on Twitter, you must definitely have heard about Random Acts. The Supernatural actor has mentioned the non-profit organization several times and invited fans to participate. Random Acts is a non-profit organization that aims to make a change around the world by performing acts of kindness. Random Acts encourages people to perform random acts of kindness of their own whenever it’s possible. This non-profit organization is

Courtesy of Sam and Tyler Garner/Random Acts

dedicated to funding and inspiring acts of kindness around the globe.

Random Acts has several programs people can participate in. The organization believes that anyone can be part of something good and implement positive change in their lives, community, and the world. The programs include Caught in the Act, Class Act, Crisis Support Network, and Kindness Heroes.

Caught in the Act

This Random Acts program awards people who perform acts of kindness that set an example for others. You can nominate someone from your community who shows acts of kindness and leaves a positive impact, it does not matter if it was on a large scale or small scale. If you know someone who spreads positivity by performing impactful acts of kindness such as providing  goods or/and services of people who are unable to provide for themselves, or someone who helps the elderly in your neighborhood out of kindness, you can nominate them for  Caught in the Act.

To demonstrate the acts of kindness your nominee has performed, provide a video, pictures, news articles, self-filmed documentary, or anything that can show their kind acts. The winner receives a lovely certificate to commemorate their acts of kindness and inspiration as well as $3000 US dollars.

Class Act

This program is designed to encourage schools to participate in acts of kindness in their community. To participate, students must come together to create a project that will help or have a positive impact in your school/community. The project must be documented in a presentation or videos.

The winners receive certificates for each participant, a Trophy for display, and $6000 US dollars for their school.

The Crisis Support Network

This chat provides support for SPN fans (Supernatural) or anyone going through a difficult time. It also provides training to become a crisis counselor for those fans that are interested in helping others and becoming a responder.

Kindness Heroes

This program is for those who want to perform kind acts and take a 10 Level challenge.

As you complete a level, you obtain a virtual badge in representation of your acts of kindness and determination. Join the challenge and become a Kindness Hero!

Projects: Dreams To Acts

Hope to Haiti

This was the first major project for Random Acts. After the devastating earthquake in 2011, Random Acts came forward with determination to help. Random Acts committed to help the community rebuild their homes and their lives. With everlasting determination and the help of fundraiser donors, Random Acts made building the Jacmel Children’s Center possible and helped other local projects. The Jacmel Children’s Center provides a home, education, and love to the orphans of Jacmel.

Nicaragua; Free High School

Courtesy of Sam and Tyler Garner/Random Acts

The Free High School in San Juan del Sur offers free quality education for those adolescents and adults that are over eighteen, women with children, or those who have to work to support their family. Is also for those who live too far from the city to attend high school. The Free High School opened opportunities for many that other wise wouldn’t have a chance to a secondary education.

Courtesy of Sam and Tyler Garner/Random Acts

The Free High School reached out to Random Acts. Many of the student had trouble getting to the school. Students had to wake up at dawn to cross the jungle and mount a public bus that was not always reliable. Random Acts provided a free bus to drive students to the Free High School safe and sound. However, Random Acts did not stop there. They conducted a fundraiser to build a Center for Human Development, which serves as the new Free High School campus. Random Acts has been raising

Courtesy of Sam and Tyler Garner/Random Acts

money for three consecutive years to take trips and help build the beautiful campus with the hard work of volunteers and our favorite Supernatural actors such as  Misha Collins and Osric Chau. They will be making another trip next year, interested in volunteering? Click here. 

Random Acts is a great non-profit organization, devoted to spreading kindness in the world and in our hearts. At the beginning of May, Random Acts received a Good Citizenship Award from the Orlando Police Department. Senior Design Officer, Sam Garner, accompanied by her husband Tyler, received the award on behalf of Random Acts and Full Sail University for assembling care-packages for the emergency responders who were at the scene of the Pulse Nightclub shooting last year on the 12th of June.

In the midst of loss and pain, Random Acts found a way to help by funding the project to show that love wins. Sam Graner and her husband Tyler, with the help of volunteers from Full Sail University, and funding from Random Acts, showed a big act of kindness in the middle of a painful tragedy by assembling care packages for emergency responders that assisted the victims.

In a world where all sorts of tragedies occur, by the force of nature or by the hand of men, we need more organizations like Random Acts, that in midst of a tragedy, they move the sun to shine over a catastrophe to bring a little bit of hope.

If you would like to help spread kindness, click here to visit their page for volunteer opportunities or donate to the cause.


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