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The Battle Continues in Sri Lanka as the Death Toll Rises to 188

Sri Lanka has become accustomed to some of the worst floods but the current flooding is the worst the world has seen in over a decade. The terrible weather that has taken approximately 188 lives is expected to continue throughout the coming days, as a result of the recent monsoon rain. The flooding came after two months of drought that was so severe, aid was given by the World Food Programme.

One of the worst affected areas is the district of Matara. According to Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera, there is still lots of people stranded, unable to escape the water that is dominating the district. The bordering district, Ratnapura, has the highest death count of any area, with 79 deaths.

So far 112,000 people have been displaced, 99 people are still missing, 122 people are injured and 188 have died as a result of the flooding. In total over 500,000 people have been affected by the floods.

Lots of volunteers in Sri Lanka have been able to give first aid; distribute food, water and supplies and help with rescue missions. The Red Cross is providing financial and technical support, said a statement by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. India and other countries have sent aid.

Below is a list of websites and organisations that would extremely beneficial to the international aid efforts in Sri Lanka (even the smallest donations can help!):

When donating please keep in mind that secondary effects of the floods, such as crocodile infestations, are becoming increasingly more dangerous as the waste and debris build up. To lower the risks of crocodile attacks, it is a good idea to lessen the waste in the affected areas. This can be done by only giving non-perishable produce as rations so it won’t be thrown away and also limiting the packaging on any items donated to international aid efforts in Sri Lanka.

Please keep everyone affected in your prayers and donate as much as you can to the affected areas!

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Pippa is a British high school student who is interested in social justice, intersectional feminism and international issues.

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