Why I Don’t Feel Bad For Anyone in the Trump Administration (And Neither Should You)

As the Trump campaign’s empty promises continue to become more obvious failures, many former supporters are sharing their grievances and sympathy for the “misguided” members of his cabinet. This uproar of outraged voters who feel betrayed has picked up speed and called attention away from issues that actually matter, further benefiting the Trump administration. When citizens voted for Trump, they knew he would be bigoted and press legislation that would further oppress minority demographics.

But now that they are feeling the negative side effects of his actions themselves, suddenly, they are no longer okay with his policies. Are oppression and suffering perfectly fine as long as it is not you who is being oppressed and suffering? That is called selfishness.

Some voters argue that the members of Trump’s cabinet no longer agree with his radical right-wing policies and that we should all feel bad for their current situation. However, they were the ones who accepted the job and they must now deal with the consequences of their actions. Keep in mind, they are getting paid for this — accepting money to do the dirty work. But despite this fact, they are still responsible for the suffering of minorities.

While members of the Trump cabinet were benefiting from the success of their campaign and biased legislation designed to benefit them and them only, millions of Americans are, and have been, suffering. Even the Republicans who hope to repeal ObamaCare, leaving millions without insurance, plan to exclude themselves from the repeal and continue to benefit from the program. It is impossible to feel sympathy for someone who is now feeling the repercussions of their bigoted and selfish action. What goes around comes around.

By the same token, being upset when the administration you wanted begins to negatively impact your life, you get what you ordered. Hurt feelings do not equate to oppression. When the issues affecting the LGBTQ community, the indigenous people of the First Nations, women, the Black community, immigrants, etc. are being pushed to the side to make way for the hurt feelings of the privileged, any social progress these justice movements have made begins to deteriorate. If you are a truly outraged citizen, instead of sympathizing with the upper-class, whites in his cabinet who literally took the jobs with open arms, who are now being “cyber bullied” for ruining the lives of minorities, try advocating for movements that are designed to help those same minorities.



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