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The Blues Of A Black Muslim

Xiaojun Deng

This how I feel to be a Black Muslim, living in Trump age and feeling deeply excluded from the predominately-Arab Muslim community. It hurts knowing that the largest group of American-Muslims are black but we are often non-existent and the last to speak and practice Islam.

Its absolutely aggravating that we don´t get enough attention for our contribution of spreading Islam when anti-black Muslims refuse to acknowledge our existence and significance. Black Muslims are the largest demographic of Muslims in America. Coming from a family of immigrant black Muslims, I always heard stories of anti-blackness within our own community which led many of my fellow Somalis to have internalized self-hate.

The hardships that black Muslims face include bigotry, racism, anti-blackness, and Islamophobia. We face so much obstacles compared to Muslims from other races. For example, Rahma Warsame, a black Muslim was a victim of a hate crime in Columbus, Ohio, she was viciously beaten unconscious for standing up against a white supremacist, before he started assaulting her, he reportedly shouted ¨ You all will be shipped back to Africa¨.

Black Muslims faced hardships for many years. We went through the Arab Slave Trade when anti-blackness was starting to rise within the Arab community and still anti-blackness in the Middle East is rampant especially in the gulf with East-Africans. Anti-blackness is also rampant in Muslim-majority countries like Indonesia & Malaysia.

With all that aside. All we want is to have our voices heard, to have a say in the Muslim community. We had and have so much to contribute to Islam & its overall values. Anti-blackness within the Muslim community needs to be acknowledged & we need to find a way to prevent it and educate people with that mentality. We matter & we are just as bit of a Muslim & a person as all of you. So please spread this issue around and educate people, as it will truly gain peace.

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Ilhan Adan
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Ilhan Adan is a proud 17-year-old activist. She has a passion for writing & desires to get her voice out to the world. She is a Somali-American Muslim. She's very interested in psychological thrillers. Ilhan is also a major comic book fanatic. Find her in your local coffee shop and library.

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