How One News Network In Venezuela Is Combating Censorship

Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, has been filled with protests, fights, violence and death. The people of Venezuela are protesting government censorship. It has been a long fight. Marking ten years since Hugo Chavez shut down RCTV, a popular news network in Venezuela, the people are out protesting the violation of speaking one’s mind and having unpopular opinions.

The network was shut down because Chavez could not take the criticism given to him or his government. Many thought that this was going against the freedom to express one’s thoughts and to criticize the government. The Spanish version of CNN was also shut down in February because of similar reasons.

As one can imagine, the news networks that are still running today need to be careful if they want to keep airing In fact, being a reporter gets increasingly dangerous in Venezuela. Many have been injured or some have died during these violent protests between civilians and the national guard in Venezuela.

Getting news out to people is crucial for a functioning society yet the censorship in Venezuela is making it hard to inform others. That is why El Bus TV has been delivering news to people in public transportation busses. It is a great way to speak out and because the news are given in person, there is no fear of your network being taken off air. The reporters even get creative and have props to make it seem more real and eye catching, as you can see below.

It is also important to note that some people do not have a way to access news altogether. They may not be able to afford a television or internet access. Some may also be illiterate. With that being said, El Bus Tv has given the people a solution. People can now listen to the news while they are on their daily commute. People are calling this “brilliant journalism.”

Although El Bus TV may not reach as much people on public buses as they would if they were broadcasted on television, bringing news directly to people is better than letting the government’s censorship dictate what news gets out and what news does not.

Telling news on a public bus might seem odd but for the people of Venezuela, it makes the a whole lot of difference.



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