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Don’t Be Angry At Yourself For Feeling Certain Ways

We, as human beings, tend to be way too hard on ourselves. Everyone has different opinions, everyone responds to events differently, and everyone expresses their emotions and feelings differently. It’s okay — we’re all human. There is no “normal way” to handle any situation. Everyone processes and copes differently. You will disagree with people, and they will disagree with you, and that’s okay. The worst thing you can do is be angry at yourself for feeling a certain way because it will only make things harder.

For example, if you’re still sad that your best friend moved away months ago, that’s okay! Don’t beat yourself up and think you should just be “strong” and move on. No, that’s not how it works. It’s okay to miss your best friend still, it’s okay to think about it, and it’s okay to still feel sad. It doesn’t make you weak to feel sad. There is no set expiration date on emotions, the way you feel is the way you feel, and if you accept the fact that it’s okay, it’ll make the healing process a lot easier.

DON’T BE AFRAID TO LIKE WHAT YOU LIKE! I cannot stress this enough. For years, I was very embarrassed about certain obsessions I had because not many people I knew shared the same interest. News flash: everyone is allowed to like different things. If someone makes fun of you for liking something, that is their problem. Don’t be mad at yourself for liking things that are not deemed “popular.” As long as they’re not hurting anyone, it’s okay. And you never know — you may end up finding someone who actually shares that interest with you and become fast friends.

This also works in vice versa. Not liking something that is deemed “popular” is okay too! Unpopular opinions are simply different viewpoints or perspectives on a certain topic. Again, as long as these opinions aren’t hurting anyone, and you’re respecting the people who may disagree with you, it’s okay.

If you’re offended by something and someone tells you to “just not be offended,” don’t listen to them. Nobody can tell you how you should and should not feel. If you’re offended and want to stand up for yourself, then you have every right. Don’t be embarrassed if it feels like you’re the only one because there is a very good chance that someone else is feeling the exact same way as you.

If you get excited over the tiniest things, think of that as a good thing! I know for myself personally, I get really excited over what may seem like the smallest most irrelevant things to other people. I squeak, I jump, I laugh, I cry. I am a human, we all do this.

It’s okay to feel sad for no reason, or to feel happy for no reason, or to feel nervous for no reason, etc. You don’t need to justify your mood! If you feel really down one day, you don’t owe anyone an explanation. You’re allowed to just feel sometimes.

You’re not a bad person for feeling certain ways, again, as long as they don’t hurt anyone else. Stop judging yourself so harshly. I am very guilty of this, but I have decided enough is enough. I’m done telling myself that I am weak when I cry, or that I am childish for liking certain things. It’s okay to feel, we’re human beings, it is what we do.

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Madeleine Kramer
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Madeleine is a high school senior and concert enthusiast from Washington, D.C. She has been passionate about filmmaking and photography since she could pick up a camera. She also enjoys writing about her life and the world around her.

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