Weaponized Avocados Break Deli Clerk’s Jaw

After a miscommunication over a food order at Stadium Gourmet Deli in the Bronx, two deeply unsatisfied customers proceeded to beat the store clerk with a peculiar weapon of choice- avocados. Police released the information today and have reported that the two men became frustrated at 21-year-old store clerk expressed difficulty with speaking English. It is also reported that the clerk first attempted to kick the men out of the store before the incident occurred. Although shocking to many viewers, the weaponized fruits were able to cause severe damage to the clerk, sending him to the hospital in a serious condition. Suffering a broken jaw and fractures to his face (additional damage is still being speculated), the clerk is finally in stable condition, still recovering in the hospital.

Surveillance footage shows the clerk and suspect one clearly arguing over a monetary transaction. As the clerk steps away from the counter, presumably to cool down or communicate with the other employees, suspect one began grabbing avocados out of a basket by the register. As the clerk once again approaches the angry customers, suspect one began aggressively hurling avocados at the clerk and other employees. In the footage, the first avocado hits the clerk square in the jaw, presumably causing fractures to the face. While the clerk held his face and knelt behind the counter, both men continued to throw avocados, causing significant physical damage. In addition to hurling avocados, the angry men threw bananas and other fruits at the employees behind the counter. Enraged, before leaving the deli, the instigators of this violent assault proceeded to smash produce on to the floor, causing huge damage to the store’s inventory. You can watch the footage yourself on NBC New York’s website.

It sure isn’t everyday that someone gets brutally attacked by avocados. Perhaps forever 21 and their avocado covered merchandise is to blame?



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