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Making a Personal Packing List

Whether it’s a quick day trip or an extended vacation, summer is packed to the brim with getaway plans. However, the chore doesn’t need to be dull or complicated. Here’s how you can spice up your vacation preparation.

Make it an event

Block out a portion of your day (or days, if the trip is longer) specifically to pack. Yes, this might seem counterproductive to the whole idea of making it quick and easy, but you’ll be less stressed knowing that you have set aside a chunk of time to bear the brunt of your task. Set alarms, pencil it into your planner, whatever you can do to guarantee that it’ll be done by a certain time or date.

Set the Mood

Do you prefer packing alone (to avoid the stress of unsolicited advice) or with others (to ensure that you’ve got a sensible outside opinion)? Either way, pull that into your pre-packing planning. Put on some background jams, open your windows/turn on your lights, and get ready to get ready.

Create a List

My mother always tells me to pack “head to toe.” Go through the length of your trip and assess the possible accessories, toiletries, and clothing you might need for every part of your body. Make a note on your phone or a piece of paper of how many outfits or articles of clothing you’ll need. Don’t forget to touch base with the lead planner to make sure you accommodate for everything on your trip.

Try Things On

This might sound tedious, but it’s key for several reasons. First, it’s fun to give yourself a little fashion show. Second, it makes sure that you will have all you need for a specific outfit. Third, it forces you to assess the reality of some of your plans (maybe those jeans aren’t as comfortable as you thought, and maybe that dress isn’t exactly appropriate for your family dinner party).

Create Your Last Minute List

Set a reminder so that you don’t forget to bring toiletries/makeup, items to kill transit time (books, pens, extra phone chargers, headphones), or other miscellaneous objects you’ll need to use up until your scheduled departure.


If you haven’t selected your suitcase or bag by now (which you probably should if you need to meet certain luggage restrictions), now’s the time to assess your preparations and decide what container will best fit your purposes. Once that’s covered, all you need to do is physically pack.

Good luck! Don’t forget that packing is one step of your vacation. Don’t let it put a damper on the trip before it starts.

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