Heads Up Conservatives: Climate Change is Coming For You First

Ok people, It’s time to cut the cr*p. Climate change is real and we are about to see the effects really soon. For years we have been stuck in this seemingly endless debate, whether climate change is real (it is), whether the actions of humans have caused it (it has). After decades of endless back and forth and call for government intervention or guidance it finally happened over 200 world leaders came together and decided that enough was enough and agreed to at least try and fight global warming. But within a few months of an orange tyrant in office that once shining beacon of hope was snuffed out like a cheap light bulb and we seem to be back to where we started.

It’s no secret that the largest concentration of conservatives reside in the south and in what seems like an ironic show of fate new studies found by scientists show that impacts across states in the US “could prove highly unequal: states in the Northeast and West would fare relatively well, while parts of the Midwest and Southeast would be especially hard hit.” Furthermore, climate change impacts reach past a change in weather but will have a large impact on the economy “leading to as much as a 3% decline in national GDP” with the southern states being hit the worst. The lovely sunshine state will feel a hint of karma as “deadly heat waves flare up in the summer and rising sea levels eat away at valuable coastal properties.”

Despite the wealth of evidence and countless research studies shown that climate change is real and we as humans have a large hand in the process, many continue to be skeptical and refuse to believe in its existence. Others may grudgingly admit it’s true but say the consequences are so far off and don’t see the rush in tackling it now. The problem is climate change has been happening for centuries, there won’t suddenly be a 50 degree spike in temperature, and ice caps won’t melt overnight but it will happen gradually and slowly the effects will begin to pile up and soon it will be too late to halt the process of what we have begun to set in motion.

It seems everywhere there are countless articles with a doomsday tone warning about the disaster that climate change will wreak, although it may be annoying it’s true and important to be reminded the problems that climate change will cause and how it will affect everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a liberal or a conservative the force of nature does not discriminate and if you decide to shove your head in the sand and ignore the tons of scientific data that prove climate change is real soon it will be too late to do anything.



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