Black Twitter Is Ruining Racists’ Lives And It’s Amazing

Black Twitter has taken up exposing racists on Twitter by putting out some information like their school or their school’s principal and letting the black community handle the rest. It has made racists lose out on college connections, lose scholarships, and has even led to expulsions. Before you ask, yes it is totally fair, because racists losing out on a privilege is not worse than the permanence of racism dating back to the 1600’s.

White privilege is identifiable rights that people of color do not have.  This includes being able to feel as if your race won’t work against you in any situation (scholarships, job interviews etc.). While there are scholarships aimed towards aiding children of color by attempting to provide them with an equal chance at going to college, 72% of all scholarships are received by white people, even though children of color represent 1/3 of all applicants. So even though a couple of racists not attending their dream school won’t totally dismantle prejudice,  it will at least safely combat racist behavior, continuing the tradition of black people being the best at manipulating media.

This form of action is actually very clever, legal, and essentially pimps the system. We are in an age where most arguing and action is performed over Twitter or Facebook. Simply reporting a tweet, or confronting the user hardly ever accomplishes anything when attempting to battle racism. Social Media is a rare form of media that isn’t white-dominated because your feed is nearly completely controlled by you. That means it’s open for anyone to use to their benefit, enabling the growth of the black community, and exposing the injustices committed every day.



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