Dejuan Guillory: Death at the Hands of Louisiana Deputy

Dejuan Gillory, a father of three, was shot and killed by a police officer, in Mamou, Louisiana. Dejuan was stopped by police under suspicion of burglary. He fit the description of a suspect accused of a burglary that was committed recently. Unfortunately, police only care about one description, melanin. The bottom line is Dejuan was a black man who was shot and killed by a white police officer.

“The bottom line is Dejuan was a black man who was shot and killed by a white police officer.”

Dejuan was with his girlfriend at the time of the shooting, her name is Dequince Brown. She is currently booked awaiting trial for first-degree attempted murder of the police officer. We need the community to come together on this and fight for her freedom before the justice system cheats another black life. It’s time to once again confront this issue head on.

Please try your best to stay active in helping bring justice to Dejaun. You can swamp the mayor with endless Twitter notifications, spread awareness on this injustice, and keep updated on newest outcomes of the case. It’s that time once again to fight for equal treatment under the law.



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