Explosion in Venezuela Leaves Seven National Guards Wounded

This Monday, July 10, a pyrotechnic exploded in the Distribuidor Altamira, at Caracas, Venezuela with the result of seven military officers (GNB, by their Spanish acronyms) significantly injured.

This information was given by the GNB general commander Sergio Rivero Marcano, who said that the officers were quickly taken to the hospital with the result of two of them having second-degree burns on their bodies and the rest had third-degree burns.

“There’s something that concerns me (..) there were several news reporters there and they apparently knew that the explosive was there (…) and didn’t tell the National Guard what was going to happen.” -Rivero Marcano, on a phone interview to VTV, one of the government channels.

The explosion happened during El Trancazo, one of the new forms of protest Venezuelans have been doing during more than 100 days, to express their anger against the presidency of Nicolás Maduro.

This has happened 24 hours after Leopoldo López was released from jail, after serving almost 3 years and a half from a 14 years sentence for “incite the violence”  during the 2014 protests.

WARNING: Sensitive content ahead.



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