Just a List of Deals You Should Be Taking Advantage of as a College Student

With college move-in season just around the corner, plenty of us are squeezing in those last extra hours at work to make a little bit of extra money before committing to being a full time student. I get it, college is expensive. Tuition is expensive, books are expensive, housing is expensive; and it’s hard to work and be a full time student (seriously, props to you if you do this). But being a student shouldn’t mean that you have to forego all niceties, so here are a few subscriptions and stores that offer discounts to college students.

Amazon Prime

If you didn’t already know, Prime Day was on July 11. Prime Day is basically just a day with really really good deals and discounts offered to Amazon Prime members. And while an Amazon Prime membership is typically $99/year, college students can get 6 months free if they sign up with an email address ending in “.edu”. Amazon Prime members get perks like free two day shipping on certain items, and they also have access to Amazon’s video streaming services. You can see more details and register for Amazon Prime here.

Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium is literally a godsend. You have so much music at the tip of your fingers, but paying $10 a month for music isn’t exactly ideal. Spotify, however, offers Premium to college students for only $4.99. I’ve only had Spotify Premium for a few months, but it’s definitely a worthwhile investment and their student discount is all the more reason to get it. You can subscribe to Spotify Premium Student here.

Apple Products

I personally love Apple products, but they tend to be on the pricey side. However, Apple offers discounts on laptops and iPads to college students! Students can save up to $200 on a MacBook and can also purchase warranty on their devices for a cheaper price. Additionally, they offer a discounted rate for their music streaming service, Apple Music. Here’s a link to Apple’s student store.

Greyhound + Amtrak

For students who plan on travelling frequently (or at all, to be honest), Amtrak and Greyhound offers student discount cards. Amtrak’s will save you up to 15% on tickets and Greyhound’s will save you up to 10% on tickets!

Books + Publications

Plenty of newspapers and other publications offer discounted subscriptions for college students. The Wall Street Journal offers 15 weeks for only $1 a week. The New York Times offers a subscription of 4 weeks for only $0.99, and then 50% off the normal subscription rate after that. Furthermore, many bookstores that are close to your college will offer discounts on books and textbooks!

Of course, this list only scraps the surface of the discounts available to students; many clothing stores and restaurants also offer lower rates to college students! While it is wise to save your money in college, you shouldn’t have to forfeit all luxuries in life. It really doesn’t hurt to check if the store/restaurant/venue you’re at has a student discount, often it will do more help than harm. Furthermore, more lists with more discounts are available if you’re interested in finding more! 



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